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Page Title: Holographic Identification Cards
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DD Form 1172
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
How the Hologram Works
Dependent’s birth certificate Sponsor’s valid driver’s license You must do this before you prepare the DD Form 1172 and subsequently issue the ID cards DD Form 1173.  Make  sure  you  cite  these  documents  in  the Remarks section of the DD Form 1172. AUTHORIZED CIVILIANS Certain civilian personnel are authorized issuance of the DD Form 1173. Although not inclusive of all civilians authorized to receive this ID, the following list includes   the   more   common   examples   of   civilian personnel who are authorized to acquire and carry DD Form 1173: Civilian personnel of the DOD, the uniformed services, and their accompanying dependents when required  to  reside  in  a  household  on  a  military installation within CONUS, Hawaii, and Alaska are entitled  to  commissary  and  limited  exchange  privileges only. They are not entitled to DOD-sponsored medical care. Contract surgeons during the period of their contract. Uniformed and nonuniformed full-time paid personnel  of  the  Red  Cross  assigned  to  duty  with  the uniformed services within CONUS, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto  Rico,  and  Guam,  and  their  accompanying dependents  when  required  to  reside  in  the  same household  on  a  military  installation. Area  executives,  center  directors,  assistant directors  of  the  United  Services  Organizations  (USO) when   serving   in   foreign   countries   and   their accompanying  dependents  when  residing  in  the  same household. Military Sealift Command (MSC) civil service marine  personnel  deployed  to  foreign  countries  on MSC owned and operated vessels. These authorized civilians and their dependents are issued DD Form 1173 for ID purposes and to authorize them  certain  privileges  and/or  benefits  while  their sponsors are serving in such positions. Generally,  authorized  civilians  will  obtain  these  ID cards  at  the  overseas  activities  to  which  they  are assigned  provided  there  is  an  ID  card  issuing  authority available.  In  some  cases,  however,  certain  civilian personnel  may  obtain  their  ID  cards  in  CONUS. Personnel who are required to live in a household on a military installation located within CONUS can obtain ID  cards  at  the  nearest  ID  card-issuing  authority. Appropriate  documents  must  be  cited  in  the  Remarks section of the DD Form 1172. As a PN, you may be assigned the responsibility of issuing DD Form 1173 to civilians. Whenever you are asked to type DD Form 1173 for civilian personnel and their dependents, make sure you refer to the Entitlement Guide   section   of   the   BUPERSINST   1750.10   for preparation  instructions  and  to  determine  which privileges to authorize. If you are responsible for processing or issuing armed forces ID cards to any of the personnel we have discussed in the preceding sections, you should inform them that if their ID cards are lost or stolen, they must report this immediately and obtain a new ID cards as soon as practical. Before we continue with the next section which deals with meal passes, we must tell you about the new holographic ID card that the Department of Defense (DOD)  has  introduced. HOLOGRAPHIC IDENTIFICATION CARDS The DOD is always looking for more efficient ways to combat fraud, waste, and abuse when it comes to the delivery   of   military   benefits   and   privileges. Consequently,  the  RAPIDS  program  office  has developed  a  more  secure,  machine-readable identification card that links the data on the card to the central   DEERS   database.   To   make   the   current machine-readable  ID  card  more  tamper—resistant,  a holographic  image  is  being  incorporated  into  the production  process. WHAT DOES THE HOLOGRAM LOOK  LIKE The hologram is a multicolored, three-dimensional image of the Great Seal of the United States layered over the  letters  “USA.”  Likenesses  of  these  images  appear below in figure 3-12. The colors of the hologram are similar  to  the  colors  in  a  rainbow.    The hologram Figure 3-12.—Likeness of the Great Seal of the United States and the letters USA. 3-23

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