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Page Title: Medical Enlisted Commissioning Program (MECP)
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Enlisted Commissioning Program (ECP) - 14214_260
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Eligibility Requirements - 14214_262
receive extensions of up to 6 months on a case-by-case basis. The time starts upon enrollment at the NROTC host  university. A  technical  degree  is  defined  as  a  degree  in mathematics,   physics,   any   of   the   engineering disciplines,  or  any  of  the  hard  sciences,  such  as chemistry.  A  nontechnical  degree  is  any  other  degree program applicable to URL. Advanced academic standing may be granted at the discretion   of   the   individual   university;   however, students  so  advanced  will  be  expected  to  complete degree  requirements  in  a  proportionally  reduced  time period. If  disenrolled  from  the  ECP  at  any  time, students are issued PCS orders to a new assignment to complete   their   remaining   enlisted   active   duty obligation. Additional information and application procedures are  contained  in  MILPERSMAN,  Article  1020355. MEDICAL ENLISTED COMMISSIONING  PROGRAM  (MECP) The MECP gives active duty enlisted personnel, including those in the TAR Program, an opportunity to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree in nursing and earn a commission as a Nurse Corps officer. The  program  provides  upward  mobility  for  outstanding performers  in  all  ratings.    Naval  reservists  on  active duty for special work or 1-year recall and canvasser recruiters are not eligible for this program. MECP  selectees  receive  full  pay  and  allowances  for their  enlisted  paygrades  and  are  eligible  for advancement while attending college on a full-time basis, including summer sessions. Tuition, fees, books, and  other  expenses  must  be  paid  by  the  MECP candidate. Upon  graduation,  candidates  are  appointed  as Ensign, Nurse Corps, United States Naval Reserve. Candidates incur an active duty obligation of 4 years, with  a  total  commissioned  obligation  of  8  years.  Time not spent on active duty is spent in the Inactive Reserve. Candidates  are  commissioned  upon  completion  for MECP   and   must   successfully   complete   Officer Candidate  Indoctrination  School.  Nurse  Corps  officers must obtain and maintain a license to practice as a registered professional nurse from a state, territory, or the District of Columbia, This license is based on a licensing   examination   provided   by   the   National Council  of  State  Boards  of  Nursing  and  administered by one of its member boards of nursing. Obtaining  and  maintaining  a  license  is  the responsibility  of  the  officer.  Officers  who  fail  to become  licensed  may  be  appointed  in  a  different competitive category to complete any incurred active duty  obligation  or  separated  for  cause  under  the guidance of SECNAVINST 1120.6 and SECNAVINST 1920.6. Applications  are  due  annually  by  1  January. Eligibility  criteria  and  application  procedures  for  the MECP  are  contained  in  the   Medical  Enlisted Commissioning  Program  (MECP),   BUPERSINST 1131.3. SEAMAN TO ADMIRAL PROGRAM The Seaman to Admiral Program is a new program that  allows  personnel  another  opportunity  to  become commissioned officers. Information provided here is not  all-inclusive,  and  you  should  review  other publications  for  additional  information. ELIGIBLE  APPLICANTS The  Seaman  to  Admiral  Program  is  applicable  to enlisted  personnel  of  the  Regular  Navy  and  Naval Reserve  on  active  duty  (including  TAR  personnel). Eligible  applicants  are  considered  by  a  Board convened  by  the  CHNAVPERS.  The  Board  selects candidates  considered  best  qualified  for  appointment  in the  unrestricted  line  within  quotas  authorized  by CHNAVPERS. The names of selectees are published by  NAVADMIN. Personnel  not  selected  are  not individually  notified. SELECTEES Selectees are appointed as permanent Ensigns, U.S. Naval  Reserve,  after  indoctrination  at  the  OCS  in Pensacola, Florida. Following commissioning in the Unrestricted Line, officers are assigned to the warfare community  specific  training,  as  appropriate.  While  it is  expected  that  the  vast  majority  of  selectees  will succeed in OCS and follow-on training, it is necessary to  establish  ground  rules  should  a  selectee  fail  to complete  early  training. MEMBERS DISENROLLED FROM OCS Members disenrolled from OCS for any reason are reverted to their former rates in the Navy or Naval Reserve and are made available for general assignment. Normally,  reverted  members  will  be  required  to  serve 10-7

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