Quantcast Members of the Naval Reserve on Inactive Duty

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Page Title: Members of the Naval Reserve on Inactive Duty
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Figure  3-8.—Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card/DEEW Enrollment, DD Form 1172
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Members and Former Members Entitled to Retired Pay
blank DD Form 1172. You are reminded, however, that these forms are probably not being used by now since they  are  now  being  prepared  using  a  floppy  disk  that contains  the  application  format. Any  ID  card-issuing  activity  that  can  access DEERS  through  RAPIDS  can  prepare  DD  Form  1172 and eventually issue DD Form 2N (ACT) directly to the member. An activity that does not have this capability must complete the DD Form 1172 and tell the member to deliver it to an appropriate ID card-issuing activity, which will issue the member an ID card. All Navy commands afloat and ashore that issue DD  Form  1172s,  and  uniformed  services  ID  cards issuance facilities without on-line access to DEERS, must use the DD Form 1172 Floppy Disk Application. If  your  command  does  not  have  a  floppy  disk  for completing this form, you should request it from the appropriate  activity  as  reflected  in  Identification  Cards for Members of the Uniformed Services, Their Family Members, and Other Eligible Persons, BUPERSINST 1750.10. You   can   find   step-by-step   instructions   for completing  the  DD  Form  1172  in  BUPERSINST 1750.10. To complete the DD Form 2N (ACT), you can also   find   step-by-step   procedures   in   the MILPERSMAN,   Article   4620150,   as   well   as BUPERSINST  1750.10. MEMBERS OF THE NAVAL RESERVE ON INACTIVE DUTY The Armed Forces Identification Card, DD Form 2N (RES) is printed in red security-type ink. It is issued to assist in identification of the bearer as a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve on inactive duty. It is not a pass. This card is the property of the United States and must be kept in the personal custody of the member at all times except when it is required by proper military authority  to  be  surrendered  for  identification  or investigation. Refer to figure 3-9, which shows the front and back of an intentionally voided DD Form 2N (REs). The  DD  Form  2N  (RES)  is  issued  to  members enlisting in the Naval Reserve who are scheduled to attend an initial period of active duty for training and subsequent  y  return  to  inactive  duty  to  drill.  This  ID card  may  be  issued  to  members  of  the  U.S.  Naval Reserve in categories of Ready, Standby, or Retired Reserve (retired without pay). It may also be issued to midshipmen  of  the  Naval  Reserve  (Naval  Reserve Officers  Training  Corps  [NROTC]  and  Merchant Figure 3-9.—Armed Forces Identification Card, DD Form 2N (RES). Marine Academy), and to NROTC college program students in their last 2 years of naval science. As in the case of active duty personnel, a DD Form 1172 is required to be completed before the DD Form 2N  (RES)  can  be  issued  to  the  member  by  an  ID card-issuing activity. The  DD  Form  1172  can  be obtained   from   the   naval   reserve   center   or PERSUPPDET  that  maintains  the  member’s  records. The rules for handling and using the DD Form 2N (RES) are similar to those for the DD Form 2N (ACT). The  DD  Form  (RES)  may  be  photocopied  when necessary to facilitate administrative requirements, but the reproduction of this ID card for any other purpose is prohibited. Any person willfully altering, damaging, lending,  counterfeiting,  or  using  this  card  in  any unauthorized manner is subject to the penalties under 18 U.S.C 499, 506, or 701. You can find additional information in regard to members of the Naval Reserve on inactive duty and the preparation  of  the  DD  Form  2N  (RES)  in  the MILPERSMAN,  Article  4620200. 3-20

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