Quantcast Organization of the Source Data System

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Page Title: Organization of the Source Data System
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Pay and Personnel Events
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Figure 15-3.—Files contained in the source data system.
Supervisor The  supervisor  is  responsible  for  a  designated fictional  work  area  of  operations,  and  supervises  and assists the TO, whenever required. In the SDS, the supervisor’s primary responsibility is the accuracy and release  (if  authorized)  of  events  from  the  event  file  to the central files. The supervisor uses system reports to monitor his or her functional area of operations and to confirm   processing   of   events   to   BUPERS   and DFAS  -  Cleveland  Center.  The  supervisor  resolves problems  encountered  by  the  TO  and  refers  ADP problems  beyond  his  or  her  resolution  to  the  site manager (SM). Terminal Area Security Officer The  TASO  manages  the  hardware/software  security aspects of SDS within the PERSUPPDET/GSS. The TASO   establishes   local   security   procedures   and controls  needed  to  protect  SDS  equipment  and  preserve the privacy of SDS data. Site Manager The  SM  directs  and  controls  SDS  operations  within the   PERSUPPDET/GSS.   The   SM   monitors   the operational  status  of  SDS  and  helps  TOs  and supervisors use all of the SDS capabilities. The SM serves  as  the  liaison  between  the  supervisor  and associate  data  base  administrator  (ADBA),  who  is located  at  the  PERSUPPACT.  The  SM  refers  ADP problems that aren’t solvable at his/her level to the ADBA. Associate Data Base Administrator The  ADBA  is  the  SDS  ADP  manager  at  the PERSUPPACT and he/she is responsible for all SDS ADP  functions  within  the  PERSUPPACT  network. The ADBA coordinates operations of SDS with the SMS and the processing center. He/she is the primary field  person  responsible  for  data  security.  The  ADBA contacts the user assistance section (UAS) at BUPERS to   resolve   SDS   problems   and   to   recommend improvements in procedures or functional capabilities. User Assistance Section A UAS at BUPERS maintains liaison with each ADBA.  Major  ADP  problems  are  referred  to  the  UAS by the ADBA for resolution by means of trouble reports (TRs) or system change requests (SCRS). The UAS logs  problems,  initiates  or  assigns  responsibilities  for corrective  action,  and  communicates  findings  and resolution of problems back to the ADBA. The UAS is also responsible for preparing announcements to users when changes are incorporated into SDS. As you can see, the personnel who make up the organization structure supporting SDS have their own particular  responsibilities.  Their  combined  efforts contribute to the overall mission effectiveness of the SDS. ORGANIZATION OF THE SOURCE DATA SYSTEM The  SDS  is  a  computer  processing  network. Terminals  located  at  each  PERSUPPDET  provide interaction  between  the  operator  reporting  a pay/personnel  event  and  an  on-line  computer  called  a field   host   processor   (FHP).   The   FHPs   are geographically  located  at  processing  centers  (PCs)  to distribute workloads and minimize costs. The FHPs support a local data base for personnel assigned at activities serviced by the PERSUPPDET. Various files are  maintained  by  the  FHPs.  These  files  can  be compared to the information stored in a file cabinet. As you read about the different types of files, refer to figure 15-3. Mini-master  file.  This  file  contains  excerpts  from the master file at MAPMIS. The MAPMIS master file contains  personnel  data  related  to  members  who  are assigned  to  the  activity  or  to  the  various  unit identification codes (UICs) serviced by a particular PERSUPPDET.  For  a  complete  listing  of  data  elements contained  in  the  mini-master  file,  refer  to  the  Source Data  System  Procedures  Manual  (SDSPROMAN), volume 1, part II. Local-master  file.  This  file  contains  data  for  local use only and is not transmitted  to  JUMPS/MAPMIS. The local master file includes such information as local addresses  and  phone  numbers. Event file. This file is used to store data that has been entered into the system but has  not been  released from the PERSUPPDET. Suspense file. This file is used to track information released   from   the   activity/PERSUPPDET   until feedback  is  received  from  JUMPS/MAPMIS. 15-6

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