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Page Title: Verification of Service Records
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Figure 5-28.—Application for the Review of Discharge or Dismissial from the Armed Forces, DD Form 293—Continued
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Tracing Missing Service Records
records, and closing and disposing of service records. These  procedures  are  all  associated  with  good  service record maintenance practices. As you have read before, it is your responsibility, as a PN, to make sure the enlisted service records at your command are properly and  accurately  maintained. VERIFICATION  OF  SERVICE  RECORDS According  to  the  MILPERSMAN,  Article 5030120,  the  accuracy  and  completeness  of  service record  entries  are  important  to  the  CO  in  matters regarding  personnel  administration.  The  service  record entries are also important to the individual service members during their naval careers and after separation. The verification procedures prescribed here and in the MILPERSMAN,  Article  5030120,  provide  for  the systematic review of records so you can ensure their accuracy  and  completeness. Importance and Value of Verifying Records At a minimum, performing a service record review makes you aware of the following two things: 1.  The  service  record  contains  all  the  required documents. 2.  The  documents  are  properly  completed. In  addition,  performing  a  review  allows  you  to check  for  documents  that  may  have  been  erroneously filed  in  a  member’s  service  record.  Some  of  these documents, for example, may have been intended for CHNAVPERS or other activities. Others  may  have simply  been  misfiled. A  periodic  review  helps  to identify misfiled documents so they can be properly filed  or  forwarded  to  the  appropriate  authority. Comparison With Other Records When  you  verify  an  enlisted  service  record,  check the   information   against   that   contained   in   other important records. Compare the service record data with  the  individual’s  pay  and  health  (medical  and dental) treatment records for correct name, SSN, rate, and  class.  You  also  should  review  the  Document Submission  Guidelines  for  the  Military  Personnel Records System, BUPERSINST 1070.27, for additional instructions on comparing service record data with pay and health treatment records. 5-51 Specific Times and Conditions You should verify an enlisted member’s service record  upon  the  following  events  or  circumstances: A  transfer Arrival of the member at a final destination When member reenlists on board Immediately  before  disposal  of  the  service record Before  inactive  enlisted  naval  reservists  depart to AT Also,  a  verification  maybe  done  by  an  intermediate command to which the member reports for duty or instruction en route to the final destination. (This is recommended but not required.) The  verification/review  of  the  service  record  must always be conducted in the presence of the member. After verifying the service record, you must give it to your supervisor for initialing. Your supervisor must certify verification of the enlisted service record on the History  of  Assignments,  NAVPERS  1070/605,  page  5. Make sure you verify the service record completely before you give it to your supervisor. CHECKING OUT SERVICE RECORDS There are many occasions when service records are checked   out   by   authorized   personnel   such   as workcenter  supervisors,  division  officers,  department heads, the legal officer, the XO, the CO, and others specifically authorized by the CO. Any individual who checks  out  a  service  record  must  have  written authorization to do so. Security  and  Accountability The reasons for checking out service records are many and varied. Regardless of the reasons, you must make sure the security and accountability of the records are maintained. A member’s service record contains information that only you (as the PN maintaining the record), other authorized individuals (such as the ones mentioned  previously),  and  the  individual  service member concerned are authorized to view. No other individuals  should  have  access  to  the  information contained  in  a  member’s  service  record.  As  a  PN,  you are responsible for maintaining this type of security and accountability.

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