Quantcast Voluntary Retirement of Enlisted Personnel

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Page Title: Voluntary Retirement of Enlisted Personnel
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Figure 13-12.—Certificate of Appreciation, NAVPERS 1650/59
Personnelman 3 & 2 - Military manual for government personnel administration
Veteran's Benefits
Policy on Ordering Retired Members to Active Duty Retired members may be ordered to active duty in time of war or national emergency at the discretion of the SECNAV. They may not be ordered to active duty at other times without their consent. They may not be ordered to active duty solely for the purpose of receiving hospitalization  or  medical  treatment. Notification of Address Change by Retirees Retired  members  not  on  active  duty  must  always keep the DFAS, Cleveland Center, Cleveland, Ohio informed  of  their  address. Retired Members who Travel Outside the United States Members of the Retired List who desire to travel or reside  outside  the  United  States  must  report  their departure, expected duration of travel, and forwarding address to the Commanding Officer, Naval Reserve Personnel  Center.  Retired  members  should  advise  the proper  United  States  Naval  Attache  of  their  presence  if they intend to reside in the country or, while visiting, to call on senior officers of the local military. This is not intended to impose any restriction, but rather to enable the Naval Attache to advise retired members of local conditions regarding calls or visits. Retirement Orders and Authorizations Retirement  orders  and  authorizations  for  personnel on active duty are issued by the CHNAVPERS or by SECNAV.  Retirement  orders  for  involuntary  retirement are normally issued 3 to 6 months in advance of the scheduled date of retirement. Disability  retirement orders and voluntary retirement orders or authorizations are issued as early as practical following approval of retirement by the SECNAV. Retirement orders and authorizations for personnel on inactive duty are issued by the CHNAVPERS. Voluntary Retirement of Enlisted Personnel Under authority contained in Title 10 U.S.C. section 6326, any enlisted member of the Regular Navy who has completed at least 30 years of active service maybe retired  upon  application.    The following service, less time lost, is creditable in determining whether the required active service for retirement has been met: l Active service as an enlisted member, aviation cadet,  warrant  or  commissioned  officer,  including  active duty for training performed subsequent to 9 August 1956, in the Navy Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard, or in the Reserve components of those services. . An enlistment in the Regular Navy terminated by discharge  for  the  convenience  of  the  government  within 3 months of the normal expiration of the enlistment or extended  enlistment  may  be  credited  as  the  full  term  of enlistment  or  extended  enlistment.  The  period  elapsing between the date of early discharge and normal date of expiration  of  enlistment  or  extended  enlistment  is  not creditable  for  purposes  of  computing  basic  pay.  A minority enlistment is not creditable as a full enlistment for retirement. Release from active duty is effected on the day immediately  preceding  the  effective  date  of  retirement. The  effective  date  of  retirement  is  specified  in  the retirement orders issued by the Chief of Naval Personnel or by the Secretary of the Navy. A member should not be retained on active duty beyond the scheduled date of release  from  active  duty  unless  authority  for  such retention is specified in the retirement authorization. Two  copies  of  retirement  orders  should  be forwarded by endorsement, indicating the member’s home  address  following  retirement,  to  the  Commanding Officer, DFAS, Cleveland Center, via the disbursing officer  carrying  the  personal  financial  record  (PFR)  of the member on the date of release from active duty. One copy of the retirement orders, after being completed by the  disbursing  officer,  is  placed  in  the  current  service record of the member. Submission of Application for Voluntary Retirement from Active Duty Enlisted members, including temporary officers with permanent enlisted status, who desire retirement under Title 10 U.S.C. section 6326 (voluntary retirement after  completiom  of  30  years  of  active  service)  should submit an official letter to the President of the United States, via their commanding officer, BUPERS (PERS 27), and the SECNAV, with copy to the appropriate Pay/Personnel Administrative Support System (PASS) office. Applications  for  retirement  at  the  PRD  should  be submitted in time to reach BUPERS between 6 and 9 months in advance of the requested retirement date. Applications  for  retirement  before  PRD  should  be 13-23

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