Quantcast Issues to Personnel in a Nonpay Status

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Page Title: Issues to Personnel in a Nonpay Status
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Chapter 5 Issues
Ships Serviceman 2 - How to fix and repair boats
Issues to Survivors of Marine and Aircraft Disasters
for issues of ship’s store stock, and the Requisition Receipt,   Men’s,   NAVSUP   Form   28,   or   the Requisition  Receipt,  Women’s,  NAVSUP  Form 28A,  for  issues  of  clothing.  Before  approval,  the member’s name, social security number, and pay status   must   be   verified,   and   a   copy   of   the member’s ID card must be attached to the form. In some cases the member may have a temporary ID  card. After the approved documents are received by the retail store operator, the operator will issue the  health  and  comfort  items.  The  retail  store operator will make sure the member’s name and social security number on the form are the same as  those  on  the  copy  of  the  ID  card.  The  total dollar value of issues is then entered on a separate page  of  the  Cash  Receipt  Book,  NAVSUP  Form 470.   The   original   NAVSUP   Forms   28/28A and/or DD Form 504 are turned over to the cash collection  agent  with  daily  collections  and  the entry in the NAVSUP Form 470 is signed by the retail  store  operator  and  the  cash  collection  agent. After collection, the original forms with the copy of  the  member’s  ID  card  are  forwarded  to  the disbursing   officer.   The   disbursing   officer   will charge  the  member’s  pay  record  and  issue  a  check payable to the ship’s store officer for the amount issued.  Once  the  check  is  received  by  the  retail store  operator,  the  entry  is  made  on  the  NAVSUP Form 470 that indicates the check was cleared in the   cash   register.   One   copy   of   the   NAVSUP Forms  28/28A  and/or  DD  Form  504  is  filed  in the Accountability File, SSA-21, and one copy is given to the person receiving the issue. Health and comfort  issues  to  personnel  in  a  pay  status  are handled as a cash sale. ISSUES TO PERSONNEL IN A NONPAY  STATUS A  member  in  a  nonpay  status  is  one  who  is not  being  credited  with  any  pay  or  allowances. Such  members  include  personnel  of  the  Navy, Marine  Corps,  Army,  Air  Force,  Coast  Guard, and the respective reserve components. There is no  monetary  limitation  on  the  value  of  clothing items that may be issued, but issues of all other items are limited to $35 per month at retail for any  one  person. The  commanding  officer  or  delegated  repre- sentative   approves   all   issues   for   health   and comfort items to personnel in a nonpay status on the Request and Receipt for Health and Comfort Supplies, DD Form 504, or for clothing issued on the  Requisition  Receipt,  Men’s,  NAVSUP  Form 28,   or   the   Requisition   Receipt,   Women’s, NAVSUP   Form   28A. Issues are made by the retail store operator in the same manner as making issues to personnel in a pay status. When making issues to personnel in   a   nonpay   status,   the   retail   store   operator will  not  have  to  worry  about  receiving  a  check from   the   disbursing   officer   because   issues   to personnel  in  a  nonpay  status  are  accounted for   differently.   What   happens   is   the   ship’s store officer prepares a Requisition and Invoice/ Shipping  Document,  DD  Form  1149,  to  expend the  value  of  issues  made  from  the  Navy  Stock Fund.  The  total  dollar  value  shown  on  the  DD Form 1149 is posted to the Journal of Expendi- tures,  NAVSUP  Form  978,  and  to  the  correct column  of  the  Ship’s  Store  Afloat  Financial Control  Record,  NAVSUP  Form  235,  to  adjust the  accountability  of  the  retail  store  operator. ROM  users  will  enter  the  issue  in  the  ROM miscellaneous expenditure activity function. The ROM  will  assign  an  expenditure  number  and  post the   issue   data   to   the   NAVSUP   Form   235, NAVSUP Form 978, and the NAVCOMPT Form 153. The DD Form 1149 and the issue document for  issues  to  personnel  in  a  nonpay  status  are distributed  as  shown  in  table  5-1. A list is prepared monthly by the ship’s store officer and submitted to the commanding officer showing  the  name,  social  security  number,  and the   value   of   the   articles   furnished   to   each individual. ISSUES TO MARINE CORPS PERSONNEL Articles that are required by a Marine Corps detachment may be issued when a written request from   the   detachment’s   commanding   officer   is received. In the case of clothing items, issues to Marine  Corps  personnel  are  not  made  unless accompanied  by  a  signed  order  from  the  indi- vidual’s  commanding  officer,  with  the  exception of  health  and  comfort  issues. Issues  to  Marine  Corps  personnel  are  made  on a  DD  Form  1149.  The  original  and  three  copies of  the  DD  Form  1149  are  forwarded  to  the commanding officer of the detachment who signs 5-2

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