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Page Title: Assignment 1, Continued
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Assignment 1, Continued - 14241_230
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 1, Continued - 14241_232
1-58. AS a supervisor, you should take what action when one of your workers makes an  error? 1. Show the worker what is wrong with a warning not to do it again 2.  Assemble  all  the  workers,  show  them the error, and tell them how to avoid this error in the future 3. Show the worker what is wrong and how to avoid the error in the future 4.  Assemble  all  the  workers,  show  them the error, and warn them not to do it  again 1-59. AS a supervisor, you should take what persistent  action  to  acquire  a  “fair but firm” label with your subordinates? 1. Use a friendly manner following up criticism 2. See that your directions are being followed 3. Be sure that you do the necessary checking 4. Have a positive attitude that is supported  by  a  strong  determination to get the job done right 1-60. Regarding the physical presence of a supervisor,  which  of  the  following practices should be used? 1. Stay away completely from spaces manned by a capable petty officer 2. Spend some time in each space 3.  Have  a  subordinate  communicate  your thoughts to other personnel 4. Spend all your time in one space 1-61.  Which  of  the  following  statements describes  a  training  goal  for  new personnel? 1. Enable the personnel to gain prestige 2.  Provide  personnel  with  the  training 3.  Provide  personnel  with  the  proper tools 4. Enable personnel with the skill necessary  to  perform  their  jobs 1-62.  Which  of  the  following  procedures will give you the best idea of a new department  member’s  capabilities? 1. Judging the member’s attitude by observing  his  or  her  military bearing 2.  Checking  the  member’s  service record 3.  Having  a  casual  conservation  with the member 4.  Calling  the  member’s  last  duty station 1-63. Shortly after you have reported to a new command, what process will best assist you in preparing a new training  program  and  in  reassigning personnel? 1. Talking with the individual you are  relieving 2.  Listening  and  observing  while  your new division is at work 3.  Discussing  these  topics  with  the division  officer 4. Setting up a new training program and  making  reassignments immediately  after  your  arrival 1-64. There are many different types of Navy schools that you can send your personnel to so that they can acquire NECs. What command or official organizes  these  training  schools? 1. TYCOM 2.  NAVSUP 3.  FLTTRACOM 4. NMPC 1-65. When you conduct a formal training program,  what  should  be  taken  into account when setting up a training plan? 1. Time to hold training 2. The space to be held in 3.  Monitoring  the  lesson 4. Subject matter to be covered 7

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