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Page Title: Presentation Silver
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Figure 4-14.—Controlled Equipage Custody Record, NAVSUP Form 306
Storekeeper 1 & C - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 4-15.—Receipt procedures for controlled equipage requiring custody signature.
fig.  4-15.)  The  originals  of  NAVSUP  Forms  306 applicable to items for which serial numbers are required are reviewed to find out whether or not serial numbers have been recorded. Any original custody  records  that  do  not  list  required  serial numbers  are  annotated  to  indicate  that  serial numbers must be determined during the prospec- tive  inventory.  The  custodial  department  heads are   advised   to   make   the   same   notation,   if necessary, on their duplicate records. At least 1 month  before  15  February,  either  you  or  the supply  officer  should  prepare  an  official  notice advising   all   department   heads   of   procedural details  to  be  followed  in  conducting  the  annual inventory. IMPLEMENTATION   OF   THE   INVEN- TORY.— Each  department  head  is  responsible  for conducting  the  inventory  of  items  in  his  or  her custody. A file of duplicate NAVSUP Forms 306 is used to conduct and record physical inventory of  these  controlled  equipage  items.  Each  item must be sighted and inspected for serviceability by   the   person   conducting   the   inventory.   Any differences between serial numbers and amount of equipment recorded on the custody cards must be  investigated  and  reconciled.  The  date  of  the inventory,  the  quantity  inventoried,  and  the signature of the person conducting the inventory must be entered by pen in the inventory record of   the   department   head’s   duplicate   custody record. As the inventory progresses, or at the finish, the inventory entries recorded on the department head’s  records  should  be  transcribed  to  the originals maintained by the supply officer. When the  inventory  quantity  of  any  item  differs  from the originals, a recount or investigative research is  required  as  per  the  NAVSUP  P-485. Upon   completion   of   the   inventory,   each department   head   will   submit   a   letter   to   the commanding  officer,  with  a  copy  to  the  supply officer.   When   an   inventory   is   held   upon   the change of a department head, both the relieving and relieved department heads must sign the letter. DEFICIENCIES AND EXCESSES.—  To  ob- tain  more  effective  management  of  controlled equipage assets, some TYCOMs maintain a com- puterized program that is designed to accomplish the  following  functions: .    Afford  ready  visibility  of  existing  con- trolled equipage deficiencies and excesses Match  the  reported  deficiencies  of  one  ship with  the  reported  excesses  of  another Facilitate  the  redistribution  of  reported excesses Point up deficiencies of urgently required items  that  no  excesses  are  available  for redistribution Input to this program, if maintained, is provided by deficiency/excess reports that are required to be  submitted  by  the  individual  ship  of  the TYCOM  as  per  the  reporting  procedures  and format  prescribed  in  the  NAVSUP  P-485. Presentation Silver Title 10 U.S. Code,  section  7221,  authorizes the Secretary of the Navy to accept and care for gifts of silver and other valuable articles. These gifts or articles can be presented to a U.S. Navy ship by states, cities, organizations, individuals, or  other  sources.  This  presentation  process  serves as  the  basic  authority  to  expend  operational  funds to  care  for  these  gifts.  Presentation  silver  can consist of a single item or a group of items. Other valuable   articles   can   consist   of   paintings, portraits, original historical documents, engraved clocks,  and  other  items  that  the  commanding officer  considers  to  warrant  continuing  account- ability.  The  historical  value  and  material  worth  of such items require the maintenance of detailed, current,  and  accurate  inventory  records  for  all items  of  presentation  silver  and  other  valuable gifts. RECORDS.— A controlled equipage custody record prepared in an original and one copy will be maintained for each presentation silver or other valuable  gift. If   all   items   included   in   a presentation   cannot   be   listed   and   properly identified  on  one  card,  you  will  have  to  use  a custody  card  for  each  piece.  Each  custody  card will  include  the  following  information: Custody  department Card  number  (consecutively  assigned  if more  than  one  on  card) A  complete  description  of  item(s) Name  of  donor 4-20

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