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Page Title: Assignment 2, Continued
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Assignment 2, Continued - 14242_286
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 2, Continued - 14242_288
2-45. Items of equipage are designated as “controlled equipage” according to which of the following factors? 1.  High  unit  cost,  vulnerability  to  pilferage,  and/or essential  to  ship’s  mission 2. Vulnerability to pilferage, essential to ship’s mission,   and/or   known   deficiencies 3. Essential to ship’s mission, known deficiencies, and/or high unit cost 4. Known deficiencies, high unit cost, and/or vulnerability  to  pilferage 2-46.  The  continuous  identification  marking  prescribed  by FED-STD-183b requires that each item of stock be marked with which of the following designations? 1. The producer’s name or trademark and commercial designation of the material 2. The national stock number and the producer’s name or  trademark 3.  The  commercial  designation  of  the  material  and  the national stock number 4. The national stock number and the tensile strength rating 2-47. Color codes are used on compressed gas cylinders for what  purpose? 1. To identify the type of cylinder 2. To identify the type of gas contained in the cylinder 3. To identify the type of metal the cylinder is made of 4. To identify whether each cylinder is flammable or inflammable 2-48. A compressed gas cylinder that contains the highly flammable gas acetylene is painted what color? 1. Red 2. Gray 3. Yellow 4. Brown 2-49. The white strip on an oxygen cylinder indicates that the contents are tit for human use. What is the body color  of  this  cylinder? 2-50. All except which of the following items of information is  normally  etched  on  the  manufacturer’s  nameplate  of installed  equipment? 1.  Manufacturer’s  name 2.  National  stock  number 3.  Model  number 4.  Serial  number 2-51. All Storekeepers should become proficient in the use of  the  NAVSUP  P-4000  because  it  contains  what information? 1. Guidelines for the use of various Federal Catalog Systems  and  NAVSUP  publications 2.  Instructions  that  disseminate  information  relative  to items within the Navy supply system 3.  The  interrelationship  of  various  publications. 4. All of the above 2-52.  The  ML-N  contains  information  relating  to  national stock number (NSN) management data for which of the following material? 1.  Items  for  which  Navy  interest  has  been  recorded 2.  Ammunition  stock 3. Both 1 and 2 above 4. All items listed in the MCRL 2-53. Part I of the MCRL provides which of the following types  of  information? 1. Cross-reference between NSN and reference numbers 2. Cross-reference between reference numbers and CID 3.  A  list  of  repairable  items 4. A list of material control codes 2-54.  The  LIRSH  is  a  reference  publication  and  should  be used in conjunction with which of the following other references? 1. HMIS only 2.  MRIL  only 3. HMIS and MRIL 4. NAVSUP P-486 1. Black 2.  Blue 3. Green 4. Yellow 13

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