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Page Title: Assignment 5, Continued
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Assignment 5, Continued - 14242_309
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 6 - 14242_311
5-65. 5-66. 5-67. 5-68. 5-69. Which of the following operating budget numbers will be shown on an invoice for fuel transferred from a fleet oiler to a destroyer in the Pacific? 1. 00004 2. 57070F 3. 00070F 4. 00070 CINCPACFLT’s  operating  budgets  for  ship  repair  and for fuel are identified by budget suffix codes R and F. 1. True 2. False In which of the following OPTAR transactions should an 1. 2. 3. 4. object class code be indicated on each document? When  material  is  transferred  between  type commands When the transaction affected the international balance  of  payments When an issue for end use is made When material is transferred within the same type of  command CINCPACFLT receives two operating budgets. Which of the following codes is used to identify each budget? 1. A budget suffix code assigned by the CNO 2. A budget suffix code assigned by CINCPACFLT 3. Either 1 or 2 above 4. A budget suffix code assigned by COMNAVSURFPAC The cost code shown on a requisition consists of which of the following elements? 1. Two zeros, unit identification code, and appropriation 2.  Two  zeros,  Julian  date,  unit  identification  code, and  fund  code 3. Two zeros, fund code. and appropriator 4. Two zeros, Julian date, serial number, and fund code 5-71. 5-72. 5-73. 5-74. 5-75. Operating target funds are assigned to ships and commands by which of the following organizations or individuals? 1. NAVSUP 2. NAVSEA 3. Fleet commanders 4.  The  commanders Who is responsible on each ship for the proper use of OPTAR  funds? 1. 2. 3. 4. Commanding  officer Supply  officer Disbursing officer Accounting   Storekeeper Accounting for operating budgets granted for the operation  and  maintenance  of  ships  is  performed  by which  of  the  following  organizations? 1.  Naval  supply  centers 2.  Defense  Finance  and  Accounting  System 3.  Navy  disbursing  officers 4. Each ship receiving a grant Operating  budget  accounting  records  maintained  by the  fleet  accounting  officer  are  based  on  which  of  the following  data? 1. 2. 3. 4. Obligation data received from ships Expenditure documents received from supply activities Expenditure documents received from the disbursing   officer All of the above What code used in the issue and requisitioning of material is the primary source of accounting data? 1. 2. 3. 4. Work  center  code Fund  code Unit  identification  code Equipment  identification  code Learning Objectives: Specify the actions to be taken by the accounting Storekeeper in maintaining OPTAR records and files; recognize the effects of those actions. 5-70. In what form do fleet commanders make supplies and equipage funds available to type commanders? 1. Appropriations 2.  Allotments 3. Operating budgets 4.  Operating  targets 36

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