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Page Title: Assignment 7, Continued
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Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_323
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 8 - 14242_325
7-65. Most cargo net slings are of what size(s)? 1. 12’ x 12’ only 2. 14’ x 14’ only 3. 12’ x 12’ or 14’ x l4’ 4. 10’ x 12’ or 12’ x 14’ 7-66. Cargo net slings are used in what type(s) of materials-handling   operations? 1. In general use aboard MLSF ships and in UNREP operations 2.  In  ship-to-ship  transfers  of  unpalletized miscellaneous   cargo   only 3. In vertical replenishment operations at sea only 4. In ship-to-shore materials-handling operations only 7-67.  Rollers  should  be  used  in  materials-handling operations for which of the following operations? 1. Treplace  non-available  mobile  materials- handling  equipment 2. To supplement mobile marterials-handling equipment 3. To move heavy boxes or skids 4. When a warehouse crane is not availalble 7-68. What are the basic types of conveyors that have been adopted as standard for the military departments? 1. The power-driven belt-type and the gravity-type roller or wheel conveyors 2. The power-driven roller-type and the gravity-type wheel  conveyors 3. The power-driven wheel-type and the gravity-type roller conveyors 4.  The  gravity-type  roller  and  wheel  conveyors 7-69.  What  materials-handling  device  having  its  principal application aboard ship is used to strike down stores? 1. Gravity-type conveyors 2.  Power-driven  conveyors 3. Chutes 4. Rollers 7-70. Which of the following listed cranes has the greater topping  distance? 1.  The  warehouse  crane  with  a  maximum  sluing boom  capacity  of  10,000  pounds 2. The warehouse crane with a maximum sluing boom  capacity  of  20,000  pounds 3. The warehouse crane with a sluing boom range of 360  degrees 4. The mobile crane with the truck chassis-mounted boom 7-71. The most common form of gantry used on gantry cranes is the one that has which of the following components? 1.  A  stiff-legged  derrick 2. A trolley running on the bridge, carrying a hoist 3. A rotating-piller or jib crane 4.  A  hammerhead  crane  mounted  on  its  bridge 7-72. What type of crane is particularly adapted to the transfer of cargo between the pier and a vessel? 1. Gantry 2.  wharf 3.  Mobile 4.  Warehouse 7-73.  Various  materials-handling  situations  require  an  SK to be able to select the necessary piece of equipment arise  aboard  ship.  Being  acquainted  with  which  of the following listed equipments would assist the SK in  this  selection? 1. Hoists only 2.  Pulleys  only 3. Dollies only 4.  Hoists,  pulleys.  and  dollies 7-74.  Which  of  the  following  types  of  materials-handling equipment  used  to  raise  a  large  load  of  several  tons would  be  particularly  useful  in  trucks  or  small storerooms  aboard  ship? 1.  Manually  operated  chain  hoist 2.  Electrically  operated  hoist  with  over  track  only 3. Pallet dolly with a capacity of 2,000 pounds 4. Pallet dolly with a capacity of 4,000 pounds 7-75. When a chain hoist is not available, a block and tackle arrangement can be used in its place for which of the following types of materials-handling operations? 1.  Pulling  or  hoisting  large,  heavy  objects 2. Situations where a chain hoist is normally used to handle smaller loads 3. For moving or shifting heavy loads 20 feet or more 4. For moving or shifting heavy loads less than 20 feet 50

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