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Page Title: Assignment 7, Continued
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Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_322
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Assignment 7, Continued - 14242_324
7-54. A straddle truck is designed to handle what type of loads? 1.  Containers  equipped  with  skids 2. Long and heavy materials 3.  Boxes  not  pelletized 4. Large rigid containers or packages 7-55. The use of pallets permits which of the following types of materials-handling operations? 1. Storing material by units 2. Transporting material by units 3.  Loading  material  by  units 4. Each of the above 7-56. What is the usual size for a pallet? 1. 40” x 48” 2. 40” x 40” 3. 48” x 48” 4. 60” x 60” 7-57. You can save considerable time and labor when you are discharging easily crushed items from a ship to a transit shed if you use which of the following types of  equipment? 1. Single-platform pallets 2. Box pallets 3.   Double-platform   pallets 4.  Skids 7-58. Nestable sheet metal pallets are convenient for which of the following reasons? 1. They are easy to keep clean 2. They save storage space 3.  Their  maintenance  cost  is  low 4. All of the above 7-59. What size pallet is used primarily for transporting and storing drummed products and stevedoring purposes? 1. 40” x 48” 2. 48” x 72” 3. 48” x 48” 4. 72” x 72” 7-60, When you are loading a pallet with boxes of different sizes, the boxes should be arranged in what way? 1. The biggest and sturdiest boxes should go in the center 2. The biggest and most fragile boxes should go at the ends 3. The smallest and sturdiest boxes should go at the ends 4. The smallest and most fragile boxes should go in the  center 7-61. When you palletize material that will be moved several times before it reaches its destination, what additional step(s) should you take? 1. The material should be swapped to the pallet using nylon or metal strapping 2. The material should be strapped and metal or folder  cardboard  comers  placed  under  the strapping 3. The height of the pelletized material should be reduced to one layer of containers 4. Horizontal strapping should be added to ensure that the material will remain tightly packed 7-62.  The  drum-handling  sling  is  designed  for  which  of  the following  operations? 1.  For  shipboard  loading  only 2. With a crane for any drum or barrel-handling operation  only 3. With a crane for any drum or barrel-handling operation  and  shipboard  loading 4. As a forklift truck attachment for any drum or barrel-handling  operation 7-63. How many different types of drum-handling forklift truck attachments are available? 1. One 2.  Two 3. Three 4. Four 7-64.  What  type  of  drum-handling  forklift  truck  attachment is NOT in wide use because of its installation cost? 1. Spaced forks that cradle drums 2. Side rails with hooks 3. Vacuum operative 4. One drum vertically operated 49

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