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Page Title: Chapter 1 The Navy Storekeeper
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Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
The Store Keeper's Career Development
CHAPTER 1 THE NAVY STOREKEEPER This   training   manual   has   been   prepared   for members of the Regular Navy and Naval Reserve in the Storekeeper  rating  who  are  peparing  for  advancement to Storekeeper 3rd and 2nd class. The Advancement Handbook  for  your  rating  contains  detailed  information about  the  Navy  Advancement  System,  a  bibliography for   advancement   study,   Personnel   Advancement Requirements   (PARS),   and   PARS   administration procedures. This  manual  has  been  organized  to  give  you  a systematic  understanding  of  your  job.  Study  the  subject matter of this manual carefully. It will not only help you toward advancement, but expand your knowledge of supply department operations. This knowledge will enable you to become a more proficient Storekeeper, and the Navy will profit from the skills of a proficient craftsman. Your  contribution  to  the  Navy  depends  upon your  willingness  and  ability  to  accept  increasing responsibilities  as  you  advance  in  rate.  When  you assume the duties of an SK3 or 2, you begin to accept responsibilities for the work of others. As you advance in your career, you accept responsibilities in military matters  as  well  as  the  occupational  requirements  of  the Storekeeper  rating. Your responsibilities for military leadership are about the same as those of petty officers in other ratings since every petty officer is a military member as well as a   technical   specialist. Your  responsibilities  for technical  leadership  are  special  to  your  rating  and directly  related  to  your  work  as  an  SK.  The  operation and maintenance of a ship’s supply department requires teamwork.  It  requires  a  special  kind  of  leadership ability that can be developed only by personnel who have a high degree of technical competence and a deep sense of personal responsibility. Strive to improve your leadership  ability  and  technical  knowledge  through study, observation, and practical application. STOREKEEPER RATING The  Storekeeper  rating  is  a  GENERAL  RATING; there  are  no  service  ratings.  Storekeepers  order, receive, inspect, stow, preserve, package, ship, and issue materials. They also account for Navy-owned material (equipage,  repair  parts,  consumables,  and  subsistence items); prepare forms, correspondence, and reports; maintain   records   and   files;   and   operate   office equipment. To qualify for Storekeeper 3rd class, you must have acquired  a  broad  general  knowledge  of  the  supply department  functions,  as  a  whole,  and  a  detailed knowledge of those functions that you will be required to  perform. You  will  be  expected  to  know  how  the  supply department is organized and be able to assume supply office  duties  which  include  (to  some  degree)  all  of  the above  responsibilities. To  advance  to  Storekeeper  second  class,  you  must know   more   about   the   operation   of   the   supply department,  and  be  able  to  perform  more  complicated duties  than  you  did  when  qualifying  for  advancement to  third  class. By this time you will have to know how to prepare and maintain ship’s records required to account for supplies  and  equipage  funds  assigned  to  forces  afloat, and obligation reports to type commanders. You will have  to  know  how  to  determine  routine  requirements for general stores, equipage, and repair parts. You must also be able to supervise others in receiving, handling, and  stowing  material.  You  should  know  the  regulations pertaining  to  storage  and  processing  shipments  of personal  effects. STOREKEEPER JOBS Organization charts can be misleading, for they show  each  job  as  a  separate  and  distinct  responsibility. This is seldom the case. It is difficult to separate the areas covered by supply since, with the exception of ship’s store and foodservice, they are interrelated, and each area is directly affected by actions in all the other areas. Usually the responsibilities of a Storekeeper encompass parts of more than one area. The following job titles are used throughout the text to describe a specific  function  within  the  Storekeeper  rating  and  do not necessarily refer to job titles used on your ship. OPTAR  Records  Storekeeper 1-1

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