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Page Title: Quantity
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Figure 7-9—Example of closing our a superseded NSN stock record.
Storekeeper 3 & 2 - Manual for watching over inventory and other things needed in a store
Figure 7-11.—An example of a posting action for a substitute item
Figure 7-10.—Example of a stock number of an item originally requested on DD Form 1348-1. substitute  item,  the  receipt  data  as  well  as  the  notation “ITEM  IS  SUBSTITUTE  FOR  NSN  _ , ”    w i l l    b e entered in the existing stock record. If a stock record does not exist a new stock record will be prepared to record the receipt of the substitute item as shown in figure  7-11,  an  example  of  a  posting  action  for  a substitute  item. The stock record for the primary item and the stock record for the substitute item will be reviewed at the same  time  when  computing  total  demand  quantity and/or   frequency   demand,   and   in   determining replenishment  requirements.  When  replenishment  is required,  the  primary  item  (if  preferred)  will  be requisitioned. When the unit of issue in the receipt document differs from that in the stock record, the unit of issue in the stock record will be changed to agree with that in the  receipt  document. In  addition,  the  allowance quantity, the HL/LL/SL quantities (if a SIM item), and the on-hand balance in the stock record will be adjusted for compatibility with the new unit of issue, if required. If  adjustment  of  the  on-hand-balance  is  required,  the Julian  date  of  the  adjustment,  the  notation  “U/I CHANGE,” and the adjusted on-hand quantity will be entered prior to posing the receipt document. For an example, see figure 7-12. It is important that any unit of issue changes in a stock record be considered in computations  of  total  demand  quantity.  For  example,  if 2 PR of an item had been issued prior to a unit of issue change from PR to EA, the issued quantity of 2 PR will be counted as 4 EA in total demand quantities computed after the posted date of the change. When the unit price in the receipt document differs from the stock reed, the unit price in the stock record will be changed to agree with the receipt document. Significant  price  changes  will  be  verified  with  the ML-N,  and  if  the  price  indicated  in  the  ML-N  is unrealistic,  verification  should  be  requested  from  the Ship’s Parts Control Center (SPCC). Quantity Partial Quantity Received, Balance Due—When the  total  quantity  requisitioned  is  not  received,  and  a suffix code is indicated in column 44 of the receipt document,  the  quantity  received  will  be  posted  to  the stock record. The requisitioned quantity indicated in the “Requisitions   Outstanding”   column   will   be   lined through, and the quantity that remains outstanding will be entered next to the deleted original quantity. For an example,  see  figure  7-13. Partial  Quantity  Received,  Balance  Canceled— When  the  total  quantity  requisitioned  is  not  received, and no suffix code is indicated in column 44 of the receipt  document  the  requisition  will  be  considered  to be completed. No further action will be taken by the supply  system  to  furnish  the  remaining  balance. Therefore,  the  quantity  received  will  be  posted  to  the stock record, and all applicable requisition data in the “Requisitions   Outstanding”   column   will   be   lined through.  For  an  example,  see  figure  7-13.  If  the unfurnished balance of the requisitioned quantity is required, a NAVSUP Form 1250-1 will be prepared to initiate  another  requisition. Receipt Overages in Excess of $1OO—A receipt overage exists if the receipt quantity is more than that requisitioned  and/or  invoiced.  When  a  receipt  overage exceeds $100 per line item, or it involves controlled material, the excess quantity will be reported as a receipt discrepancy in accordance with the NAVSUP P-485. 7-14

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