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Page Title: Passenger Reservation Request
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Passenger Transportation
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Passenger Reservation Request, Continued
l Submit the transportation requirements such as travel orders or PRR to the supporting PERSUPPDET or  NAVPTO  for  arrangement  of  transportation. . Prepare an Authorization to Apply for a “No-Fee” Passport  and/or  Request  for  Visa,  DD  Form  1056,  when required and make sure the traveler applies promptly for a  no-fee  passport  and/or  visa  from  the  supporting PERSUPPDET/NAVPTO. PASSENGER RESERVATION PROCEDURES When  passenger  transportation  is  requested,  the following  passenger  reservation  procedures  should  be followed: .  When  the  travel  is  originating  from  a  shore station, international or transoceanic travel must be arranged  through  the  supporting  PERSUPPDET.  The PERSUPPDET will provide a PRR to the supporting NAVPTO, which will determine the method of travel and issue a port call as appropriate. l When the travel is originating from a ship, afloat staff, or mobile unit, the following rules apply: At home port/PDS, PRRs must be submitted to the  NAVPTO  or  PCP  supporting  the  home port/PDS; for example, ships home-ported in San  Diego  must  submit  PRRs  to  NAVPTO,  San Diego. If the member is deployed away from home port/PDS,  PRRs  must  be  submitted  to  the NAVPTO/PCP with regional responsibilities for the area in which operating. On short operational requirements away from home port/PDS, PRRs must be submitted to the NAVPTO supporting the home port/PDS as well as a request to the nearest PCP/NAVPTO for  return  transportation  to  the  home  port/PDS if  required. Appendix A, chapter 1, Issuance of Navy Passenger Transportation  Manual   (PTM),  NAVMILPERS- COMINST4650.2A, lists the NAVPTOs. The NAVPTO geographic  areas  of  responsibility  are  identical  to  those of their PERSUPPACTs unless otherwise specified. Appendix   B,   NAVMILPERSCOMINST   4650.2A, illustrates the geographic areas of responsibility for CONUS PERSUPPACTs and their NAVPTOs. Appendix  C,  chapter  1,  NAVMILPERSCOMINST 4650.2A,  lists  the  PCPs  and  their  cognizant  commands. Appendix  D,  chapter  1,  NAVMILPERSCOMINST 4650.2A,  illustrates  the  locations  of  all  NAVPTOsS  and PCPs  worldwide. PASSENGER RESERVATION REQUEST As  stated  earlier,  all  overseas  travel  or  Navy- sponsored travelers are arranged by a NAVPTO or PCP. PRRs must be submitted to the servicing NAVPTO/PCP. The  format  for  message,  NAVGRAM,  or  letter  PRR  is as  follows: Item 1 - Name/Grade/Title: Complete last name, first  name,  middle  initial,  and  Navy  grade/rate  or civilian rating, as applicable, of each person for whom a seat is requested in item 3. Include the dates of birth of  children. Item  2  -   SSN/Officer   Designator:   Traveler   or sponsor social security number is required on all PRRs. Officer designator is required for military personnel or their  dependents. Item 3 - Seats Required: Enter the total number of seats required. Item  4  -  Special  Passenger  Category:  If  the  request contains  passenger(s)  who  fall  within  categories  listed below, enter the code indicated. Otherwise, omit item. A - Civilians or dependents not otherwise described below B - Civilians or military dependents who are close blood/affinitive  relatives D - Civilians paying cash instead of using a cus- tomer identification code (CIC) or for whom special  credit  billing  procedures  (account  han- dling) must be applied E - Military paying cash instead of using a CIC or for whom special credit billing (account han- dling) must be applied F - Combination of passengers in codes D and E H - Foreign nationals J  -  School  teachers K - School key officials M - Retirees N  -  Separates P  -  Prisoners R  -  Prisoner  escorts S - Board actions 9-7

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