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Page Title: Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
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General Procedural Instructions
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Social Security
(A major command should be one with 500 or more permanently assigned members unless further defined by  the  cognizant  area  coordinator.) SERVICEMEN’S GROUP LIFE INSURANCE Public  Law  89-214  established  the  SGLI  program (effective 29 September 1965), providing group life insurance for members on active duty for more than 30 days unless they choose (in writing) not to be insured or to be insured for a lesser amount. Through the years, the maximum  amount  of  coverage  became  $100,000. Members  still  have  the  option  of  electing  no  coverage or coverage of lesser amounts in increments of $10,000. SGLI  protection  continues  for  all  members  without further payment for 120 days after separation from active duty. If a member is totally disabled on the separation date, coverage continues for 1 year after the separation date or until the insured ceases to be totally disabled,  whichever  comes  first.  An  extension  of coverage for reasons of total disability must be granted by the Office of Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (OSGLI). VETERANS’ GROUP LIFE INSURANCE The  VGLI  is  a  5-year,  nonrenewable  term  coverage that has no cash, loan, paid-up, or extended values. The VGLI is available to separated or retired members and becomes  effective  once  the  OSGLI  receives  the separation  information.  VGLI  coverage  will  not  become effective before the end of the 120-day free coverage under the SGLI. The VGLI is available to individuals being released from active duty or active duty for training under calls or orders that do not specify a period of 31 days or less. Reservists  insured  under  part-time  coverage  who  incur a disability or aggravate a preexisting disability while performing active duty or active duty for training under calls or orders specifying a period of 31 days or less or inactive  duty  training  can  within  a  120-day  period following  separation  apply  for  VGLI. To  obtain  VGLI  coverage,  an  Application  for Veterans Group Life Insurance, DVA Form 29-8714, and payment of the first month’s premium must be sent to the OSGLI within the 120-day period. For more information  about  coverage,  contact  the  local  DVA office. NATIONAL SERVICE LIFE INSURANCE Service  Disabled  Veterans  Insurance  (SDVI)  is  the only NSLI program of insurance currently open to new issues. Any member who is released from active service under  other  than  dishonorable  conditions  and  who  is found by the Administrator of Veterans Affairs to be suffering  from  a  disability  or  disabilities  for  which compensation  would  be  payable  if  10  percent  or  more in degree, but is otherwise in good health, may apply for insurance   within   1   year   from   the   date   such service-connected disability was determined by the DVA. Totally disabled personnel may apply for any of the  NSLI  plans  except  for  the  endowment  plans. NSLI policies basically provide for the waiver of premiums in the event the insured becomes totally disabled for 6 consecutive months before attaining age 65. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS The DVA is responsible for administering the major veterans programs authorized by Congress. The benefits they administer range from interment assistance to full hospitalization.  Retirees  are  eligible  for  the  same benefits available to those separated or discharged from active  service. The  DVA  annually  publishes  Federal  Benefits  for Veterans and Dependents,  IS-1, a booklet describing the benefits they administer. Copies may be purchased from the   Superintendent   of   Documents   at   the   U.S. Government  Printing  office.  Also  available  from  your DVA office is A Summary of Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits,  DVA  Pamphlet  27-82-2. The  DVA  determines  retirees’  eligibility  for  specific benefits. The Navy Department has no control over benefits  authorized  by  law  and  payable  by  other government  agencies.  The  percentage  of  disability determined  by  the  Navy  for  retirement  purposes  does not affect the DVA's determination of percentage of disability  for  DVA  benefits.  The  Navy’s  only  role concerning  the  DVA  is  supplying  requested  information about the retired member’s service and pay. The   DVA   has   regional   offices   and   centers throughout the United States. Contact the nearest DVA office  on  questions  about  DVA  benefits,  A  list  of  DVA offices  is  included  in  the  Navy  Guide  for  Retired Personnel and Their Families,  NAVPERS  15891G. Some of the benefits the DVA is authorized by law are to guarantee home loans, administer the NSLI, SGLI, and VGLI programs, provide medical benefits to 12-13

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