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Page Title: Social Security
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Servicemen's Group Life Insurance
Yeoman 1 & C - Military training manual
Appendix 1 Glossary - 14260_163
disabled veterans and wartime veterans, administer financial help payable to eligible veterans and their survivors, offer educational assistance to veterans who served after 31 January 1955 and before 1 January 1977, administer  the  contributory  educational  assistance programs for veterans who entered active duty on or after  1  January  1977,  and  administer  benefits  for deceased  veterans  and  eligible  dependents. SOCIAL  SECURITY Title IV of the Servicemen’s and Veterans’ Survivor Benefits Act, Public Law 881, 84th Congress, provides wage credits for active military service toward social security benefits. Under this act, on or after 1 January 1957, all members of the Armed Services of the United States performing active duty or active duty for training, including  midshipmen  at  the  Naval  Academy  and NROTC  midshipmen  and  contract  students  during  such periods when they are ordered to active duty for training purposes   (summer   cruises),   come   under   the contributory coverage Provisions of the Social Security System. The  responsibility  of  COs  is  to  adequately  inform members of their rights and benefits under the Social Security Act and of the procedure for replacement of a social security account number card that has been lost or destroyed Various Department of Health and Human Services  pamphlets  on  social  security  for  service members and veterans should be distributed to all ships and  stations. Social  security  benefits  for  retirement,  health insurance, survivors, and disability are earned as a result of military service and civilian employment covered for social security purposes. To receive monthly benefits for yourself, your family, or for survivors, you must have been in work or self-employment covered by the social security law for a certain length of time. The types of benefits  include  retirement,  disability,  and  survivors’ benefits, as well as benefits that have reduced so they may be paid out over a longer period of time. Contact the nearest social security office to obtain family   members’   social   security   cards,   check   on earnings  records,  get  information  about  your  obligation under social security, and to apply for benefits. To locate the nearest office, inquire at your post office or look in the   telephone   directory   under   Social   Security Administration. U.S. NAVAL HOME Officers  and  enlisted  members  of  the  United  States Navy or United States Marine Corps and those of the United States Coast Guard who have served in that organization while it operated as a part of the Navy may be  admitted  to  the  benefits  of  the  Naval  Home  by authority of CHNAVPERS. Individuals applying for admission to the Naval Home should be ambulatory and capable of caring for their personal needs and of cleaning their room. Applications  for  admission  to  the  Naval  Home should be submitted in duplicate and addressed to the Governor, United States Naval Home, 1800 East Beach Boulevard,  Gulfport,  Mississippi  39507-1597. 12-14

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