Quantcast Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees

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Figure 10-17.     An example of a Senderís Application for Recall of Mail.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 10-18.     An example of an Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees.
from the mail.  However if the mail has left the United States,  it  can  only  be  intercepted  if  the  country  of destination provides this service. The USPS does not guarantee success in prevent- ing delivery of all pieces in a withdrawn mailing. APPLICATION AND VOUCHER FOR REFUND OF POSTAGE AND FEES Learning  Objective:    Recall  the  procedures for processing an Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees. An application for refund of postage and fees collected for retail services must be initiated by the mailer using PS Form 3533, Application and Voucher for Refund of Postage and Fees (see figure 10-18). MPOs can assist the addressee in  preparation  of  PS  Form  3533,  but  must  advise  the addressee that the form has to be filed by the mailer. A postal clerk assists the customer in preparation of PS Form 3533 and reviews supporting documentation.   The envelope or wrapper, or the portion of the wrapper, having the  names  and  addresses  of  the  sender  and  addressee, canceled postage and postal markings, or other evidence of payment of the amount of postage and fees for which a refund is desired must be attached to the PS Form 3533. The PS Form 3533 and supporting documentation must be sent to the Mail Classification Center serving the MPO. ∑  For MPOs served by Postmaster, New York: ACCOUNTABLE PAPER DEPOSITORY GPO/JAF BUILDING RM 312 NEW YORK NY 10194-9615 ∑  For MPOs served by Postmaster, San Francisco: MAIL CLASSIFICATION OFFICE GMF RM 303 SAN FRANCISCO CA 94188-9599 If the application is not approved, it is returned to the  applicant  with  the  supporting  papers  and  an explanatory statement. MONEY ORDER INQUIRY Learning  Objective:    Recall  the  procedure s for processing a money order inquiry. PS Form 6401, Money Order Inquiry, (see figure 10-19)  is  used  to  file  an  inquiry  about  payment  of  a postal money order.  A customer (purchaser, payee, or endorsee  only)  may  complete,  sign,  and  submit  PS Form 6401 for any inquiry on the status of a money order.  When the USPS Money Order Branch receives PS  Form  6401  from  a  customer,  it  reviews  USPS records and completes one of the following actions: ∑  If  the  money  order  has  not  been  cashed,  a replacement  money  order  will  be  issued.    (A replacement will not be issued until 60 days after the money order purchase date.) ∑  If the money order was cashed, a photocopy of the paid money order will be issued immediately to the customer filing the inquiry. Customers may submit PS Form 6401 at any time (there  is  no  waiting  period),  and  must  pay  the applicable fee for each money order inquiry submitted. For money order inquiry fee rates, refer to Module R of the DMM.  Each PS Form 6401 covers only one money order. When  completing  PS  Form  6401,  the  customer must  present  the  original  money  order  receipt.   The postal clerk will assist the customer in completing PS Form 6401 and then upon payment of the inquiry fee, affix stamps or a postage meter tape on the form where indicated  to  show  the  fee  was  paid.   If  stamps  were used,  they  must  be  cancelled  with  the  flag-stamp cancellation device. Prepare PS Form 6401 as follows:   (This form is self-explanatory, and the information is taken from the customer’s original money order receipt.) Block 1:  Enter the money order serial number, amount, and issue date. Block 2:  Enter the purchaser’s name. Block  3: Enter  the  current  mailing  address  of  the purchaser. Block 4:  Enter the purchaser’s city and state. Block 5:  Enter the ZIP + 4 code. Block 6:  Enter country name (only if unable to provide U.S. address). Block 7:  Customer signs the inquiry. Q10-11. When  the  wrapper  of  a  parcel  becomes separated from the contents through normal mail handling, what process would your MPO use to inform the sender? 10-21

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