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Assignment 4, Continued - 14317_477
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Assignment 4, Continued - 14317_479
30 4-49. Indemnity for a single article of lost registered mail is generally limited to what, maximum amount? 1. $15.61 2. $20.40 3. $25.68 4. $40.45   4-50. Which of the following types of international mail should NOT be accepted for registration? 1.     A letter enclosed in a self-sealed envelope 2.     Matter for the blind, sealed with wax 3.     A sealed parcel post article 4.     All of the above   4-51. When an international article is registered, what PS form is issued to the mailer as a receipt? 1.     PS Form 3806 2.     PS Form 3811 3.     PS Form 3813 4.     PS Form 3813-P30 4-52. When endorsing a registered article, (a) what is used as an endorsement and (b) where is the endorsement placed? 1.     (a) The word REGISTERED with the registration number below (b) placed in the lower left corner on the face of the article 2.     (a) PS Label 200 (b) placed in the lower left corner on the face of the article 3.     (a) A capital letter R with the registration number to the right (b) placed between the addressees address and the postage on the face of the article 4.     (a) PS Label 200 (b) placed between the addressees address and the postage on the face of the article   4-53. The last step in accepting an international registered article is to postmark. With what device, if any, do you cancel the postage? 1.     Killer bar 2.     APDS 3.     Killer bar or APDS depending on local policy 4. None   4-54. What is the PS form number for an International Return Receipt? 1.     PS Form 2685 2.     PS Form 2865 3.     PS Form 2568 4.     PS Form 2856   4-55. At the time of mailing a registered letter to a foreign country, the mailer requests a return receipt.  In preparing the letter for mailing, you should NOT take which of the following steps? 1.     Complete the front of the PS Form 2865 2.     Compute postage for the return receipt fee on the letter 3.     Include the weight of the return receipt in determining postage on the letter 4.     Endorse the letter on the address side AVIS DE RECEPCION   4-56. For countries that provide the service, restricted delivery is available only when which of the following is met? 1.     For registered or recorded delivery items 2.     If accompanied by a return receipt 3.     If requested at the time of mailing 4.     All the above  

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