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Figure 6-11. An example of a PS Form 2865, Return Receipt for International Mail.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
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The remainder of the reverse side is completed by the post office of delivery. Endorsements Attach the return receipt to the article. If the article is a letter, attach the return receipt to the back of the letter.  Place an impression of the APDS partially on the return receipt and partially on the letter.  Endorse the article on the address side AVIS DE RECEPTION or the capital letter A. NOTE:  Include the weight of the return receipt in determining  the  postage  and  fees  for  mailing  the article. RESTRICTED DELIVERY Restricted  delivery  is  a  service  that  may  be purchased  by  a  mailer  to  restrict  its  delivery  to  the addressee.   Some  countries  may  permit  delivery  to agents  of  the  addressee  and/or  require  only  the signature of a postal official on the return receipt. Restricted delivery is available only: At the time of mailing For registered items or recorded delivery If accompanied by a return receipt To  certain  countries  (refer  to  the  Individual Country Listings of the IMM) When  the  sender  requests  restricted  delivery service,  ensure  that  the  item  is  endorsed  A REMETTRE EN MAIN PROPRE or the equivalent in a  language  known  in  the  destination  country.    The endorsement  should  be  located  on  the  address  side below the return address. RECALL/CHANGE OF ADDRESS On request by the sender, an item can be recalled (withdrawn from the mail and returned to sender) or its address  can  be  changed  subject  to  conditions  and limitations listed in the IMM.   These services can be requested at: the office of mailing, the U.S. dispatching exchange office, or the country of end destination. Some countries DO NOT provide these services. Refer  to  Section  360  of  the  IMM  for  current instructions  and  for  a  list  of  countries  that  do  not provide these services. SPECIAL DELIVERY Special  delivery  service  is  available  to  most countries for all types of postal union mail. Refer to the Special Services section, Individual Country Listings of the IMM, for exceptions. Special delivery service is NOT available for parcel post. When  the  mailer  requests  special  delivery  of  a postal union article, take the following actions: Give the mailer a PS Label 57, EXPRES-Special Delivery (see figure 6-12). Have the mailer place PS Label 57 above the address and below the postage. If PS Label 57 is not available, ask the mailer to mark the article EXPRES-Special Delivery in red. SPECIAL HANDLING Special  handling  is  available  only  for  the following  articles  when  paid  at  the  surface  rate  of postage: Parcel post packages Printed matter Matter for the blind Small packets Articles  sent  as  special  handling  receive preferential handling to the extent practical in dispatch and transportation from the post office of mailing to the U.S. office of dispatch.  Special handling does not offer  preferential  treatment  in  the  country  of destination. Have  the  mailer  endorse  the  article  SPECIAL HANDLING  above  the  name  of  the  addressee  and below  the  stamps,  or  apply  the  endorsement  with  a rubber hand stamp. RECORDED DELIVERY Recorded  Delivery  is  the  international  service equivalent  to  domestic  certified  mail.    This  service provides the mailer with a numbered mailing receipt 6-20 PCf0612 EXPRES Special Delivery PS   Label     5 7 Figure 6-12. An example of a PS Label 57.

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