Quantcast Figure 11-3.—An example of an OPNAV 5110/5 for a member who has departed.

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Figure 11-1.—An example of OPNAV Form 5110/5.
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Navy Directory Service Program
with a person’s current address, replace the old cards in the directory file and forward mail as required. You should also inform transferees the delivery of mail while they are en route to their new duty station is impractical,  and  advise  them  against  the  use  of  an intermediate activity as an interim address.  Suggest to them, instead, that they use a nonmilitary address on their change of address cards. If a person is transferred for discharge, a complete civilian  forwarding  address  should  be  furnished.   If discharged personnel do not desire to have their mail forwarded to a civilian address, they must indicate this on their directory card and sign it.   In this case, their mail   is   marked   NOT   DELIVERABLE   AS ADDRESSED—UNABLE  TO  FORWARD  and returned to the mailer. To  reduce  the  amount  of  mail  received  after  a person  transfers,  advise  transferees  to  notify correspondents  of  their  new  address  as  soon  as possible.    The  sooner  and  more  often  individuals advise their correspondents of the change, the fewer pieces  of  mail  you  will  have  to  forward  to  them. Personnel being transferred should advise publishers of their new address or notify publishers to discontinue mailings of subscription matter until advised of a new permanent address.  OPNAV Form 5110/5 is used for this purpose.  Be sure that the publication key number, when available, is entered on the card.  Your customer may be able to obtain this number from the old address label.  Most publishers and firms specifically request that both the old and the new addresses be furnished, and  that  an  old  address  label  be  provided  to  aid  in identifying  the  subscriber  or  the  customer,  and  the account.   This can be done by taping the old address label to the change of address card.   Ensure that the new  address  is  not  covered  or  otherwise  made illegible. PURGING DIRECTORY CARDS FOR DESTRUCTION When  an  individual  is  no  longer  served  by  the postal activity, code the directory card for destruction so that a minimum of 12 months directory service is provided. For example, if an individual departs in May 2001,  you  should  code  the  directory  card  for destruction  in  June  2002  (see  figure  11-3).    If  an 11-3 AOf1103 NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS OPNAV 5110/5 (Rev 3-90) S/N 0107-LF-0092500 NAME (Last,  first,  middle) PISTOL, VERRY C. S-1 DIV USS UNDERWAY (CV-66) FPO AE 09561-0001 SK1 23 JUN 01 888-88-8888 23 MAY 01 6/02 RANK/RATE DATE NEW ADDRESS (Consult SNDL for address) OLD ADDRESS (Attach mailing label for publisher) ESTIMATED REPORTING DATE DEPENDENT'S NAME (If applicable) Connie J. Marry L. Tom E. SIGNATURE ITEM YES NO MAGAZINES NEWSPAPER THIS SPACE FOR POSTAL CLERK *U.S.GPO: 1993-0-0704-079/80671 SOCIAL SECURITY NUMEBR PURGE DATE DATE DEPARTED ESTIMATED DATE PF ARRIVAL (PROJECTED REPORTING DATE) FORWARDING ADDRESS PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT: Authority:  Tile 39 USC and DOD/US Postal Service Agreement, 2 Feb 59 PRINCIPLE PURPOSES:  To route or forward (directory) mail. ROUTINE USES:  Use by military and civilian personnel in mail functions. Data are inspected by commanders, postal officers, and military and civilian inspectors. Disclosure is voluntary; however, failure to provide the requested information could result in inability to forward mail. FORWARD SECOND CLASS MATTER FOR 60 DAYS S-1 DIV USS NEVERSAIL (CG-10) FPO AE 09556-0001 Figure 11-3.—An example of an OPNAV 5110/5 for a member who has departed.

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