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Forms of Addresses
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Nonmailable Matter
that registered, insured, certified and return receipt for merchandise  mail  be  held  a  maximum  of  l5  days. Accountable mail should not be held for less than 3 days. MILITARY ADDRESSES Mail addressed to military addresses should be in the format shown in parts l and 2 of the SNDL, and Module A of the DMM (see figure 3-l0).  Some of the requirements for military addresses are as follows: Only obvious abbreviations must be used such as U.S., USS, c/o, LST, FPO, and so forth. Addresses of ships must include the full official name as well as the ship’s class and hull number, such  as  USS  John  Paul  Jones  (DDG-32),  and applicable FPO ZIP Code. Addresses should include the four-digit add-ons for all official mail (add-on digits are located in the SNDL, parts 1 and 2, USPS PUB 65-A, and the USPS web site. Addresses  of  Navy  aircraft  squadrons  and detachments need only use the short designation such as VF-l2.   When the full name is used, it must also include the short designation such as Fighter Squadron l2 (VF l2). Geographic locations must not be used together with an FPO or APO ZIP Code in a mail address unless assigned as a part of the official title. FPO ZIP Codes assigned to a shore activity must not  be  used  in  addresses  of  ships,  mobile commands,    mobile    units,    or    mobile detachments,  unless  assigned  as  a  part  of  the address in the SNDL, part l, or in a composite address for service craft overseas. Whenever  box  numbers,  barracks,  or  division numbers are used as a part of a mail address for purposes  of  speeding  up  local  distribution  of mail, they should be included on the second line of the address. Mail  must  not  be  addressed  to  task  forces, groups, elements, or units by task organization numbers  (CTF  77,  TF  77,  CTG  80.2,  and  so forth) unless so listed in the SNDL. Mail  showing  a  foreign  city  and  country  in addition to the military address is subject to the rates of postage and conditions for international mail. The  use  of  an  FPO  ZIP Code  has  the  following benefits: Affords greater control of mail Qualifies mail for domestic postal rates A uniform system for addressing mail 3-10 OCR READ ROOM POSTAGE AREA BARCODE CLEAR ZONE NEVER LOWER THAN 2 3/4" FROM BOTTOM 33.3% OF HEIGHT 50% OF LENGTH 1/2" 1/2" 2 3/4" 4 3/4" 5/8" 5/8" PCf0308 Figure 3-8.—Example of address placement on letter mail. MR JOHN DOE 3484 WYANDOTTE ST BATON ROUGE LA 70805-5868 Figure 3-9.—Example of ZIP Code placement.

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