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Military Addresses
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Rules and Procedures
FPO ADDRESSES If each Navy ship or other mobile unit had its own geographical address, you can readily see what could happen should a ship or unit suddenly be deployed on an  extended  operation.     For  example,  if  a  ship  is homeported in San Diego, CA, but is on a deployment to the Far East, its mail would continue to go to San Diego. Official and personal mail would be needlessly held up while awaiting forwarding instructions.   By having a standard FPO address, all mail is consolidated at the postal concentration centers (PCCs) located in the same area of each JMPA or element. Personnel at the JMPAs do not physically handle the  mail  as  all  handling  and  processing  is  done  by civilian postal employees.   When your ship deploys, the servicing JMPAfurnishes the PCC with routing and dispatching instructions so that mail will be forwarded as per the ship’s schedule. MAIL SENT VIA DEPARTMENT OF STATE Nonaccountable  mail  may  be  sent  to  authorized U.S. foreign service and assigned military personnel stationed in foreign countries via Department of State facilities.  Mail addressed to personnel in this category must be in the following format: NAME FOREIGN CITY (omit name of country) DEPARTMENT OF STATE WASHINGTON DC 2052l-5000 Q3-13.   What   does   the   first   digit   of   a   ZIP   Code identify? Q3-14.   Individual  ZIP Codes  are  assigned  to  naval ships   based   on   the   size   of   their   crew. (True/False) Q3-15.   The specific FPO address assigned to a U.S. Navy ship is determined by what factor? Q3-16. What  publication  lists  the  correct  mailing addresses of Naval activities? Q3-17.   When a box number or division number is part of a military address, on what line should it be included? Q3-18.   List   at   least   two   benefits   received   by   the assignment of an FPO address. Q3-19.   What   organization   provides   a   postal concentration   center   with   routing   and dispatching instructions for mobile units? Now turn to appendix 1 to check your answers. NONMAILABLE MATTER Learning Objective: Differentiate between mailable and nonmailable material. As you learned earlier in this chapter, before an item may be accepted for mailing, it must meet certain conditions.  Depending on the nature of the item, this may include specific methods of packaging, closure, 3-11 COMMANDING OFFICER USS LAWRENCE (DDG 4) FPO AE 09577-1234 YN1 JOHN DOE X DIVISION USS DEWEY (DDG 45) FPO AA 34090-1263 OFFICER IN CHARGE USS DYNAMIC (AFDL 6) NAVAL AMPHIBIOUS BASE LITTLE CREEK NORFOLK VA 23520-5250 COMMANDER SECOND FLEET FPO AE 09501-6000 COMMANDING OFFICER PATROL SQUADRON 44 (VP 44) FPO AE 09501-5917 OFFICER IN CHARGE MILITARY DEPARTMENT USNS HASSAYAMPA (T-AO 145) FPO AP 96667-4016 MASTER USNS HASSAYAMPA (T-AO 145) FPO AP 96667-4016 Figure 3-10.—Example of military addresses.

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