Quantcast Requisitioning Capital and Sensitive Equipment

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Table 12-1. MPSA Approved Item List, GSA Stock, Nonstock, and Deleted Items Continued
Postal Clerk - Military guide to working in a post office
Figure 12-1. An example of a GSA Customer Supply Center Order Form
additional  equipment  is  received,  transferred,  or otherwise disposed of a new PS Form 1590 must be completed.  In addition to submitting a new PS Form 1590  when  there  is  a  change  of  COPE,  a  complete inventory of all entrusted accountable items must be done by both the outgoing COPE and incoming COPE. After  completion,  submit  PS  Form  1590s  to  the NPFO in San Diego, CA, for verification.   Once PS Form 1590 has been verified, the NPFO will sign, date, and return a copy to the COPE.   Upon receipt of the signed copy, it must be retained in the MPO files. REQUISITIONING CAPITAL AND SENSITIVE EQUIPMENT When  you  requisition  capital  and  sensitive equipment  items,  make  sure  the  Requisition  For Supplies, Services, or Equipment, PS Form 7381, is filled out accurately and completely (see figure 12-4). A separate PS Form 7381 must be used for each item requested; however, more than one of the same item can be requested on the same form.  Requisitions must be  forwarded  to  the  responsible  FLTCINC  for approval.    Requisitions  are  then  submitted  by  the FLTCINC to the serving JMPA for final processing. Justification for equipment must be listed in Section 12 (Rationale) of PS Form 7381.   If there is not enough space  in  Section  12  to  enter  all  the  necessary information, a letter of justification should be attached to the requisition.   Examples of justification include renovation  of  a  post  office  or  replacing  existing equipment that is beyond repair. MAINTENANCE OF EQUIPMENT As  mentioned  above  the  COPE  is  primarily responsible  for  the  upkeep  of  all  USPS  equipment assigned to the MPO.  However, junior PC’s could be tasked with performing the cleaning and maintenance on this equipment and should be constantly aware of its condition.     USPS  equipment  needing  repair  or maintenance must be serviced to avoid further damage. When USPS equipment can no longer be repaired economically  and  restored  to  a  safe  and  serviceable condition,   replacement   equipment   should   be requisitioned.  Accountable items must be disposed of following  instructions  in  the  NPFO  handbook  for returning accountable equipment. When   performing   maintenance   on   USPS equipment,  use  the  manufacturer’s  handbook,  if available, to ensure the minimum preventive measures required to keep USPS equipment operational are met. All MPO supervisors are responsible for making sure maintenance  is  performed.    With  the  exception  of meter heads, money order imprinters, and MODIS and IRT  equipment,  local  repair  of  equipment  is authorized.    When  repairs  cannot  be  made  locally, coordination must be made with the serving JMPA to repair  equipment  such  as  meter  bases,  and  scales. Money order imprinters and MODIS equipment must always be sent to the serving JMPA for repair.  Postage meter heads must always be sent to the meter vendor. UNYSIS III Integrated Retail Terminals must be sent to Larell IRT-CAC, 3655 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL, 34677-6307  by  Express  Mail,  or  registered  mail  if Express Mail service is not available. Whenever USPS accountable equipment is returned for repair (except for  UNYSIS  III  IRT),  PS  Form  1590  and  PS  Form 4805,  Maintenance  Work  Order  Request  (see  figure 12-5) must accompany the equipment.  When sending the  UNYSIS  III  IRT  for  repair,  only  PS  Form  4805 must  be  completed  and  sent  with  the  IRT.    When mailing the IRT, an e-mail or naval message must be sent to the serving JMPA listing the serial number of the IRT, description of problem(s), the Express Mail or registered mail number under which the IRT was sent, 12-5 Table 12-1. MPSA Approved Item List, GSA Stock, Nonstock, and Deleted Items Continued

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