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Page Title: Fast Pay Procedures
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properly  is  an  important  part  of  your  internal receipts audit. Fast Pay Procedures When you are ordering from the  Ship’s  Store Contract   Bulletin,   the  Ship’s   Store   Afloat Catalog, or the Navy exchange, you may find that fast pay procedures apply in some cases. Again, the document you must use is the DD 1155, but the  payment  procedure  is  somewhat  different from  the  ones  discussed  previously.  As  auditor, you  must  make  certain  the  appropriate  procedures are  being  followed. The  DD  1155  should  be  prepared  and  dis- tributed by your ship according to NAVSUPINST 4200.52. This instruction authorizes the supplier to forward the dealer’s bill along with the original purchase order to the designated paying activity. The  DD  1155  should  be  marked  Fast  Pay  Pro- cedures Apply for orders of $2,500 and under and Certificate of Conformance Procedures Apply for orders  in  excess  of  $2,500. Under   fast   pay   procedures,   the   supplier assumes responsibility and risk for supplies that have  not  been  received,  have  been  damaged,  or are   not   in   conformance   with   the   Order   for Supplies   or   Services/Request   for   Quotations (DD 1155). Replacements, repairs, or corrections should  be  at  the  supplier’s  expense.  This  condi- tion  remains  in  effect  provided  the  supplier  is advised within 90 days. The 90-day period starts from the date the merchandise is delivered either to a post office or a common carrier or is placed in shipment by other means to a point where it is first received by the government. The supplier and   NAVRESSO   (Code   SSD)   must   both  be notified  immediately  concerning  any  supplies  that are damaged, not received, or not in conformance with  the  information  on  the  DD  1155.  For  ease of  identification,  a  copy  of  the  DD  1155  should be included in the notification that is sent to the supplier and to NAVRESSO. Also, a copy of the notification  and  the  DD  1155  should  be  sent  to the  appropriate  fleet  accounting  and  disbursing center  (FAADC).  All  ship’s  store  items  that  are received  under  fast  pay  or  certificate  of  con- formance  payment  procedures  should  be  ac- counted  for  in  the  same  manner  as  are  receipts from  other  purchases  of  ship’s  store  stock. Distribution to Files Finally,  as  an  auditor,  you  must  check  the receipt files to determine whether documents are being   properly   distributed   and   contain   the necessary  information.  You  should  ask  yourself the  following  questions. .  Are  the  receipts  from  purchase  filed separately  from  the  receipts  from  other  supply officers? l   Do   the   complete   purchase   order   copies contain   payment   information? o  Is  the  Outstanding  Purchase  Order  File checked  weekly  in  case  a  follow-up  letter  to  the supplier  is  required? The distribution of each type of receipt document is  contained  in  the  appendixes  of  this  training manual  and  in  your  NAVSUP  P-487. STOWAGE As  an  SH1  or  SHC,  you  will  be  required  to plan for and supervise the stowage of ship’s store stock  in  the  bulk  storerooms.  As  your  ship prepares for an extended deployment, you will be consulted  as  to  how  the  necessary  stock  can  be stowed  in  the  limited  space  usually  available. Ship’s  Serviceman  3  &  2,  module  2,  contains  a detailed  discussion  of  many  aspects  of  stowage such   as   security,    classification   of   material, principles  of  storeroom  layout,  storeroom  main- tenance,  and  materials-handling  equipment.  In addition,  the  NAVSUP  P-487  contains  a  brief discussion  of  the  stowage  of  specific  items  such as  clothing,  film,  and  tobacco.  In  this  section, several  of  the  most  important  guidelines  that should be followed in supervising stowage will be discussed.   An   obvious   first   consideration   is security. To prevent pilferage, ship’s store stock must be  stored  in  locked  spaces.  Stock  must  not  be  kept in  compartments  or  storerooms  with  other materials  that  are  not  in  the  custody  of  the person  responsible  for  ship’s  store  stock.  The regulations   concerning   custody   of   ship’s   store stock  are  contained  in  the  NAVSUP  P-487. Once a custodian is put in charge of the bulk storeroom,  that  person  assumes  full  responsibility for  all  stock  in  these  spaces  and  for  all  stock coming  in  or  going  out.  Except  in  emergencies, no one should be allowed in the space when the responsible custodian is not present. The custo- dian  must  be  on  hand  when  inventories  are  taken and  must  stand  by  the  spaces  during  material inspections. 5-6

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