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Page Title: Recreation Fund
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Probably  the  largest  expenditure  from  the General Fund for individual ships is for the pro- curement of vending machines. The Navy Resale and Services Support Office (NAVRESSO) is the procurement  activity  for  all  vending  machines, popcorn machines, and soft ice cream machines. NAVRESSO loans the funds to ships at the time the machines are purchased. These loans must be repaid to the General Fund according to instruc- tions  provided  by  NAVRESSO. RECREATION  FUND Profits  in  the  trust  fund  belonging  to  the ship  are  transferred  to  the  Recreation  Fund  for expenditure  as  the  commanding  officer  deems necessary. Not all the profits available need to be paid  into  the  Recreation  Fund.  Certainly  the  com- manding officer will make the decision about how much  is  to  be  transferred,  but  the  ship’s  store officer must make the appropriate recommenda- tion concerning the reserve that should be retained on  the  accounts  of  the  ship’s  store. As  a  senior  Ship’s  Serviceman,  you  may  be able  to  foresee  problems  that  might  require  funds. For example, if the ship is entering a yard period, the  laundry  and  ship’s  store  may  very  well  be closed. It will be necessary for the laundry to be done ashore. The cost, of course, will be greater than  the  cost  of  doing  the  laundry  in  your  own laundry facility. Also, there will be fewer profits generated from the store to pay the extra expenses. You will have to keep some money in the ship’s store’s accounts against which you can charge the costs  of  the  outside  services  you  must  procure. If   you   expect   a   considerable   loss   because   of surveys  or  markdowns  below  cost,  retain  some ship’s store profits to cover these losses. The fact that  all  profits  from  the  ship’s  store  are  not immediately transferred does not mean that the money  is  lost  to  the  ship.  The  money  is  always available if it is needed. As indicated by the examples above, you are not required to submit the entire amount of your ship’s   store   profits.   In  fact,  you  must  make allowances for all anticipated expenses, such as markdowns, surveys, equipment, purchases, and other  operating  losses,  and  you  must  allow  for any  amounts  you  report  on  your  NAVSUP  487 as  Liabilities  Assumed. When any operating losses occur or when you are  expecting  losses  during  the  accounting  period, you will use only the amount you reported on the NAVCOMPT   153   as   Funds   Brought   Forward from the prior accounting period as the starting point for determining the amount of ship’s store profits  you  will  later  forward  to  the  Recreation Fund. Interim  profits,  if  deemed  necessary  by  the commanding officer, may be paid at any time to the  Recreation  Fund  based  on  expected  profits  for the  current  period.  You  can  calculate  interim projects  by  using  the  following  formula: Number  of  days Previous expired  in  current  period Total  number  of  days x  period’s in  current  period profits The amount should not exceed two-thirds of your last  period’s  profits.  However,  if  sales  for  the previous accounting period were markedly below normal because of overhaul or some other reason, you  can  compute  the  percentage  of  interim  pro- fits on the sales for the nearest normal account- ing  period. CHARGES  AGAINST  SHIP’S STORE  PROFITS Ship’s  store  profits  are  transferred  to  the Recreation Fund and the General Fund. They are also   used   to   repay   loans   received   from NAVRESSO.  Any  excess  profits,  however,  must be transferred to the General Fund. In addition, ship’s store profits are used to reimburse person- nel   who   have   incurred   loss   of   or   damage   to apparel as a result of a ship’s service operation. When a member of the crew suffers a loss of (or damage to) personal apparel as a result of the operation   of   your   laundry   and   dry-cleaning facility or tailor shop, you can submit a claim for reimbursement to the commanding officer via the ship’s store officer. The procedures for handling the claim and the method for calculating the claim value of the personal apparel are detailed in the NAVSUP P-487 and are discussed in  Ship’s Ser- viceman 3 & 2, module 2, and in chapter 3 of this rate training manual. INVENTORIES Inventories  serve  many  purposes.  Any  time they are taken, inventories serve to reestablish the responsibility  of  the  ship’s  store  operator  and custodians.  It  is  only  logical  for  a  responsible senior  Ship’s  Serviceman  to  begin  a  new  ac- counting period with an accurate value of stocks on  hand.  Inventories  serve  as  a  basis  for  the 7-2

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