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Page Title: Senior Enlisted Assignments and Responsibilities
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SENIOR  ENLISTED  ASSIGNMENTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES As  a  senior  Ship’s  Serviceman,  you  will probably be assigned to a commissary as a super- visor of one of several areas. In this position, no matter  what  area  you  will  supervise,  there  will  be rules, regulations, and procedures. These rules will govern the operation of your area. You will have the responsibility of staying ahead of your opera- tion. To do this, you must make certain that all of your manual changes and NAVRESSO notices are up-to-date and properly routed when they are received. At all times, you must be aware of the Navy’s  policies  on  waste,  fraud,  and  abuse. Before   reporting   to   your   commissary,   you must  attend  one  of  the  available  schools  on  the operations  of  a  commissary.  You  can  obtain  the dates  and  areas  of  available  schools  on  Navy  com- missaries  for  your  particular  paygrade  through NAVRESSO’s   Commissary   Operations   Group. Generally, first class petty officers (E-6s) and chief  petty  officers  (E-7s)  are  assigned  supervisory positions  in  areas  of  receiving,  sales  floor,  front end, or warehouse. There are several other posi- tions  to  which  you  could  be  assigned  upon reporting  to  a  commissary.  In  these  positions,  you will be in constant contact with civilians who are either  vendors  or  customers.  At  all  times,  you must remember your standards of conduct. Upon checking  in  to  your  store,  you  will  be  asked  to read, understand, and sign a copy of the standards of  conduct.  Be  sure  you  read  these  standards carefully  and  understand  them  before  you  sign. You are expected to adhere to and promote these standards. At present, senior petty officers who are super- visors in the Ship’s Serviceman rating are having problems  with  junior  personnel  not  understanding the magnitude of certain legal and moral aspects, such  as  accountability,  responsibility,  mis- appropriation,  personal  loans,  favors,  gifts,  free merchandise,  and  personal  gains  through  com- missary  business.  The  standards  of  conduct  are always  posted  in  your  store  and  are  touched  upon in  notices  and  instructions,  but  they  are  hardly ever explained in detail. You, as a senior Ship’s Serviceman,  must  assume  this  responsibility.  You must  be  accountable  to  yourself  knowing  that  you have done everything to make certain that your people,  both  military  and  civilian,  understand  the goals  of  the  commissary  and  that  they  are working  toward  those  goals. TRAINING Besides   on-the-job   training   (OJT),   NAV- RESSO  conducts  workshops  and  seminars  and provides  assistance  visits.  Usually  NAVRESSO will offer the workshops and seminars on an as- needed   basis   in   order   to   introduce   new   pro- cedures,  refresh  personnel  in  existing  procedures, and improve communications in particular areas of   commissary   management.   Upon   request, specialized assistance in all areas of commissary operations  is  available  from  NAVRESSO.  The Commissary Management course is given six times per year in Athens, Georgia, at the Navy Supply Corps  School.  This  course  is  a  4-week  manage- ment course for personnel who will be reporting to key commissary management assignments. This course will allow you to earn a 3113 or 3114 NEC for  Commissary  or  Navy  Exchange. BILLETS In most cases, billets in your commissary con- sist  of  department  supervisory  positions.  In  all cases,  you  will  need  all  the  professional  growth you  have  accumulated  as  you  have  gone  up  the ladder  to  this  point  in  leadership.  Some  of  the positions in your commissary to which you might be  assigned  are  listed  below: Commissary  manager Sales  floor  supervisor Cash  cage  supervisor Office   supervisor Receiving  supervisor Produce  department  supervisor Meat department supervisor There are other positions to which you might be  assigned,  but  in  most  cases  the  ones  listed above are a good bet. These positions are in com- missaries all over the world. For a current listing of   areas   and   positions,   you   should   contact NAVRESSO   by   letter   or   AUTOVON.   NAV- RESSO will be happy to assist you. You must still be assigned by your detailer, but the information NAVRESSO  can  provide  will  be  helpful  to  you when  you  are  discussing  where  you  want  to  go on  your  next  assignment. 8-2

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