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Page Title: Single Parenting
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Employment assistance for spouses Health benefits assistance Financial management Relocation assistance Assistance in transition to civilian life FSCs  offer  many  more  services.    Contact  your local FSC for details about these services. OVERSEAS DUTY SUPPORT PROGRAM The  Overseas  Duty  Support  Program  (ODSP) helps  Navy  personnel  and  their  families  deal  with various  overseas  cultures.     Three  major  goals  of ODSP are as follows: To provide training in cross-cultural relations To  supply  information  through  publications, video tapes, and direct personal assistance To  operate  a  telephone  hotline  known  as  the Overseas Transfer Information Service (OTIS) The mission of the ODSP is to help you be more effective in your job, to help you adjust to your tour of duty, and to help you enjoy visits to foreign ports. FAMILY ADVOCACY PROGRAM The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is designed to  address  prevention,  identification,  evaluation, treatment,  reporting,  and  follow-up  on  reported abusive situations. FAP  services  provide  commands  with  resources in dealing with the following types of situations: Physical abuse Physical neglect Sexual abuse (incest, assault, or rape) SINGLE PARENTING Single parents are fully responsible for providing care for their children so that it doesn’t interfere with their  professional  on-the-job  requirements.     The demands of the Navy lifestyle makes single parenting rough.   But by taking full advantage of the resources available,  single  parents  can  make  their  lives,  and their  children’s  lives,  more  rewarding  and  less stressful. Navy single parents have more help available to them  than  ever  before  because  of  Family  Services Center  programs  and  expanding  child  care  options. Family   Services   Centers   provide   information, referral,   educational,   and   counseling   services designed to assist single parents and their children. Child care is always a big concern—and often a big  headache  for  single  parents.     The  capacity  of Navy-operated  child  care  facilities  is  not  always sufficient  for  the  number  of  children  eligible  to  use them. The  Family  Home  Care  (FHC)  Program  allows spouses to care for children of Navy personnel in their government  quarters.    FHC  is  in  operation  at  most commands in the United States and overseas.  To open their  home  for  day  care,  people  must  complete training  that  includes  CPR  instruction.    Child  care providers  under  the  FHC  program  must  purchase insurance,  which  is  available  through  the  Bureau  of Naval  Personnel  (BUPERS)  at  a  nominal  fee.     A professional monitor ensures the child care offered is of the highest quality by providing training, screening and  background  checks,  and  monthly  visits  to  FHC homes. All   single   parents   must   provide   a   plan   for dependent  care  arrangements.    The  plan  must  state who will provide care for children during normal duty hours   and   when   the   parent   is   absent   because   of temporary   additional   duty   (TAD)   or   normal deployments.   The plan must also include a will with guardianship   provisions,   a   power   of   attorney authorizing   medical   care,   and   other   pertinent information.   The  Naval Military Personnel Manual, article 3810190, outlines the dependent care policy.  It tells what information must be on a Navy dependent care  certificate,  which  is  required  to  be  in  a  single parent’s service record. Some  people  worry  that  their  status  as  single parents may hurt their Navy career, but that is simply not true.  As long as single parents keep an up-to-date dependent  care  plan  in  their  record,  what  they  can achieve has no limits. Single parenthood in the Navy isn’t easy, but an understanding  of  Navy  policy  can  help  a  single parent’s career run smoothly. NAVY WIFELINE ASSOCIATION The  Navy  Wifeline  Association  (NWA)  is  an informational   and   educational   organization 6-4

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