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Page Title: Case Number 5
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PN Doe was doing all that she could for SN Frost. However, her explanation of what had happened, what action she was taking, and what SN Frost should do as an alternative was just as important to the customer’s satisfaction. The value of the “extra step” is difficult to measure, but its effect is easily seen. CASE NUMBER 5 PO  Seaman  recently  completes  a  tour  of  overseas shore duty and he is now on CONUS shore duty at a small station served by the disbursing officer of an activity   some   distance   away.   On   his   previous assignment  he  and  his  wife  lived  in  government quarters.  Before  leaving  his  previous  station,  PO Seaman had started an allotment to his wife and had it sent to her parents’ address. PO Seaman isn’t surprised when he does not receive a check on the first payday after reporting in; nor is he too concerned when he draws a blank on the second, since his wife has started receiving her allotment checks. When the third payday still brings no check, he decides  that  he  has  waited  long  enough.  He  takes  his problem  to  the  administration  office,  and  the  YN  places a call to the disbursing office. The YN explains to the DK that PO Seaman has now been aboard almost 2 months and has not been paid during that time. The DK obtains PO Seaman’s Personal Financial Record and informs the YN that PO Seaman has no pay coming—he is actually overpaid. “When will the overpayment be liquidated, and when will he receive a check?” the YN asks. The DK replies, “At the rate he’s going—never. He is going deeper in the hole each month.” PO  Seaman  has  heard  enough  to  know  that something is wrong.   “May  I  talk  to  him?”  he  asks. Taking the phone, he identifies himself and asks what the  problem  is.  The  DK  gives  him  a  breakdown  of credits and deductions. PO Seaman adds them up and exclaims,  “Something’s  wrong!  The  DK  at  my  last station said I would draw around $50 a payday. Are you sure you gave me all the figures?’ “I’ve given you everything on your LES. Say, are you  married?” “I sure am. That’s who the allotment is going to.” “Why aren’t you getting BAQ” asks the DK. “That’s a good question. You answer it.” “We  can  start  it  now.  You’ll  have  to  submit  an application  for  BAQ.” “What for? I’ve been married 5 years. You mean that isn’t on my record?” PO Seaman is becoming angry. The YN motions for the phone and PO Seaman gives it to him. “Let me speak to the disbursing officer to see if we can straighten this out,” he tells the DK. The  DK  is  glad  to  oblige;  he  can’t  see  why  PO Seaman is so excited. When  the  disbursing  officer  answers,  the  YN explains the problem and asks for advice. It doesn’t take the  disbursing  officer  long  to  conclude  what  has happened—the  housing  office  had  not  provided  the  pay order  that  would  have  started  PO  Seaman’s  BAQ effective  the  day  following  his  departure.  He  tells  the YN, “Send us a pay order starting PO Seaman’s BAQ as of the day he reported. That will take care of the overpayment, and we will send a check for the balance. In the meantime, we will send a letter to the housing office at his former command to request the pay order that should have been provided before he left. As soon as we get that, a check will be issued to cover the balance of PO Seaman’s back pay.” EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 5 Several actions and failures could be evaluated in this case, but let’s concentrate on the response given to the  remote  customer. 2-10

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