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Page Title: Case Number 4
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The extra step in this case would have been to fully explain  what  was  standing  in  SN  Boate’s  way  of becoming a Radioman. In addition, they could have informed him that retesting was possible under certain conditions and that he might strike for the rating without a school. However, they should have informed him of the handicap that he would face if he didn’t receive the advance technical training. In PO Seaman’s situation, they should have been able to volunteer information that would  make  his  planning  easier. CASE NUMBER 4 As SN Frost enters the personnel office, PN Doe looks up from her work and asks, “May I help you’?” “I hope so. All my friends are PO3, and I can’t even take the test.” “Why?’ “That’s what I want you to tell me. I think it’s just because my division officer doesn’t like me. Can you do anything?” PN Doe may be able to do a lot of things, but, at this point, helping SN Frost is not one of them. She still doesn’t  know  what  SN  Frost’s  specific  problem  is. PN  Doe  says,  “Just  a  minute.  Let  me  get  your record.” Getting the record from the file, she begins turning the pages. Recommended? No. Performance evaluation?  Good.  Training  completed?  Yes.  Personnel advancement requirements completed? Now she knows the problem. SN Frost has not completed his PARs for advancement. “The only thing holding you back is the completion of your PARs. Have you asked your division officer  about  that?” “Mr. Brush said that your last command didn’t send your PARs, and he had made up a new one. The command never  entered  the  completion  on  your  page  4  either,  I will write to your previous command for the record. We can hope that it hasn’t been lost and that we will receive it before the cutoff date for this exam. In the meantime, I  suggest  that  you  talk  to  Mr.  Brush.  Tell  him  the situation, and start completing the PARs for PO3—just in case. There is still time for you to be recommended so that you will be able to take the examination.” EVALUATION OF CASE NUMBER 4 A knowledge of the PN rating is only one part of the PN’s   job.   PN   Doe’s   confidence   indicated   a   good working knowledge of the rating. SN Frost’s time spent in coming to the personnel office was not wasted. He received the help he needed when he needed it. “Yeah. He said something about it the other day, but I told him I’d already completed it before I transferred Instead of picking up the phone and calling Mr. here. He acted like he didn’t believe me.” Brush, it would have been easier for PN Doe to say, “Your  PARs  have  not  been  entered  in  your  record.  Go PN Doe picks up the phone and locates SN Frost’s see your division officer.”  SN Frost was distrustful of division  officer.  “Mr.  Brush,  this  is  PN  Doe  in  the his division officer; he felt that Mr. Brush’s dislike for personnel office. I am checking SN Frost’s record. Do him was the reason he couldn’t take the examination for you have his personnel advancement requirements?” PO3. PN Doe’s interest “bridged the gap” somewhat by She listens for awhile, thanks Mr. Brush, and hangs up. refuting  this  suspicion. 2-9

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