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Page Title: Appointment and Revocation Process
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Hospitalization fees and other charges at medical facilities Communications  charges Rentals  and  other  charges  at  housing developments Fees for research or reproduction of records Safekeeping  deposits  when  the  safekeeping function is not performed by the DO Similar  functions  when  deemed  appropriate  by the CO DO   WITH   ADDITIONAL   FUNCTIONS.— DOS with additional functions have certain restrictions, but may generally appoint collection agents to take care of  funds  derived  from  the  following  sources: A Retail clothing stores Ship’s stores Commissary  stores Provisions and meals from the general mess Other  proceeds  from  supply  operations DO  serving  concurrently  as  the  officer responsible  for  another  function  may  establish  the position  and  appoint  a  collection  agent  as  long  as  the position  is  associated  with  the  other function and not disbursing. In cases like these, the letter of appointment must  clearly  indicate  that  the  officer  making  the appointment is acting as the officer responsible for the other function rather than as the DO. Duration of Appointment An appointment as collection agent remains in effect during the agent’s service at the activity unless it is revoked by the appointing authority in writing. The requirements  for  the  letters  of  appointment  and revocation are the same as those for an agent cashier. IMPREST FUND CASHIER The  Navy   Supply   Acquisition   Regulation Supplement,   NAVSUP   P-560,   designates   the commands  authorized  to  establish  imprest  funds. Appointment  and  Revocation  Process Appointments  and  revocations  of  appointments  of imprest  fund  cashiers  are  made  in  writing  by  the following officers: COs  at  inventory  control  centers,  naval  supply centers,  naval  supply  depots,  and  activities  with a  regularly  organized  supply  department COs or OICs at activities without a regularly organized  supply  department The  letter  of  appointment  should  follow  the  same guidelines  as  those  for  an  agent  cashier.  Accountable position numbers are  not required for imprest fund cashiers. NOTE: Disbursing personnel are not eligible for appointment  as  imprest  fund  cashiers. Designated Duties An  imprest  fund  cashier  makes  authorized payments from the activity’s imprest fund for materials or services, maintains custody of the fund, and files the periodic vouchers to account for and replenish the fund. For example, the imprest fund should be replenished at least monthly by the imprest fund cashier. The cashier must file a Cashier Reimbursement Voucher and/or Accountability  Report,  Optional  Form  (OF)  1129. PAYING  AGENT A paying agent is an officer, enlisted member, or civilian employee appointed by the CO to act as an agent of the DO. Designated Duties The purpose of a paying agent is to make specific payments,  currency  conversions,  or  check-cashing transactions  from  funds  temporarily  advanced  to  the agent by the DO. In fact, all payments or currency conversions made by a paying agent are made for and in the name of the DO. So, the paying agent is under the exclusive supervision of the DO and should comply with all instructions and regulations issued by that DO. Funds advanced to a paying agent are held at personal risk by the paying agent. These funds must be returned to the DO immediately when the transactions for which they were advanced have been completed. 1-6

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