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Page Title: Assignment 5: 61 - 70
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6-61. 6-62. 6-63. 6-64. 6-65. If a member does not elect to have the  retired/retainer  payments  sent by EFT, the checks will be mailed to  the  address  indicated  on  which of  the  following  forms? 1. Detaching  (Departing) Endorsement  to  Orders 2. NAVPERS  1830/2 3. NAVCOMPT  2272 4. DD 214 If a member dies in the line of duty,  a  death  gratuity  is  payable in what amount? 1. $ 3,000 2. $ 5,000 3. $ 6,000 4. $10,000 Which of the following individuals is NOT an eligible payee for a death  gratuity? 1. A minor child 2. A  sister 3. An  ex-spouse 4. An illegitimate child For a person to qualify for in loco parentis  status,  that  person  must have stood in place of a parent for at least how many years? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. Five In which of the following cases would a death gratuity NOT be payable? 1. The member was in a UA status but  his/her  enlistment  had  not expired 2. The member was killed by a beneficiary   spouse 3. The member was executed as a punishment  by  a  hostile  force with  which  the  United  States had  engaged  in  armed  conflict 4. The member was a declared deserter but it was later found that  the  declaration  was  in error 6-66. 6-67. 6-68. 6-69. 6-70. When the beneficiary of a death gratuity payment is not in the local area of the decedent’s duty station,    the designated DO will be notified  to  make  payment  by  which of  the  following  activities  or officials? 1. The  DO  holding  the  decedent’s PFR 2. The  decedent’s  commanding officer 3. DFAS  -CL 4. BUPERS The DD 397 for a death gratuity payment must be prepared in the original and what total number of copies? 1. Six 2. Two 3. Three 4. Five The  death  gratuity  payment  should be made,    if possible, within what period of time? 1. 24 hours 2. 48 hours 3. 3 working days 4. 3 calendar days The payment of a death gratuity must be witnessed on the original DD 397 by at least how many persons, if any? 1. One 2. Two 3. Three 4. None The  message  reporting  the  payment of a death gratuity is sent to all except  which  of  the  following individuals  or  activities? 1. DFAS-CL 2. BUPERS 3. SECNAV 4. Commandant  of  the  naval district  in  which  the  payee lives U.S. GOEVRMENT PRINTING OFFICE: 1995 - 633 - 130 / 20107 41

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