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Page Title: Cash Verification
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Cash  Verification  Board The signature on the TFS Form 5583 must be certified by an officer whose signature has already been recorded with  DFAS-CL. Restrictions Although official signatures are required for DOD, GAO,  and  Department  of  the  Treasury  disbursing functions, certain restrictions apply to the use of official signatures, such as the following examples: The  signature  authority  of  a  deputy  may  be limited. The signature authority of an agent cashier is limited.  (The  DO  must  designate  in  the  letter  of appointment which documents the agent cashier is authorized  to  sign.) In no case wilt any person be permitted to sign a United  States  Treasury  check  or  a  Statement  of Accountability  (SF  1219)  for  a  DO  unless  that  person is a deputy or is specifically appointed by the CO to perform the duties of the DO in case of the DO’s death, unauthorized  absence,  or  other  physical  or  mental incapacity. Official signatures can only be changed upon the approval of DFAS-CL. Facsimile signatures may be used  under  a  variety  of  circumstances.  Therefore, always consult the DODFMR, Volume 5; the  DFAS Pay/Personnel   Procedures   Manual   (Navy) (DFAS-PPM); and the  Source Data System Procedures Manual (SDSPROMAN) for specific regulations on the use and custody of facsimile signatures. The use of official signatures provides a control in accountability  of  public  funds  because  it  fixes  the responsibility  for  certain  financial  transactions  on specific individuals. Another important way a CO or OIC  can  protect  the  financial  accountability  of  an activity is through cash verifications. CASH  VERIFICATIONS The CO of every command where a DO is assigned (or where a deputy is attached to a branch office in another command) should appoint in writing a cash verification  board. When the DO is also the OIC of a personnel support detachment,  the  DO  must  request  the  CO  of  the  host activity  or  a  nearby  activity  to  appoint  the  cash verification board. At small or remote locations, it may be  desirable  to  have  cash  verification  board  members appointed  from  serviced  or  associated  commands. For imprest and change funds, especially those held at installations or activities other than the installation or activity  of  the  DO,  the  CO  who  authorized  the establishment  of  the  fund  and  appointed  the  cashier  or custodian  is  responsible  for  appointing  the  cash verification  team. MEMBERS.— The cash verification board should consist of two or more persons. These persons must  not be in the DO’s chain of command. Appointees may be officers,  warrant  officers,  senior  enlisted  personnel,  or civilian  employees. At  least  one  of  these  persons should  have  some  disbursing  or  accounting  experience. If possible, one member should be equal or senior in rank  to  the  accountable  individual. PROCESS.—   The  verification  of  cash  and  all safekeeping   deposits   should   be   made   on   an unannounced basis at least quarterly. This process includes  the  verification  of  monies,  documents, safekeeping  deposits,  money  orders,  and  the  postage stamp fund held by the DO and any assistants. The quarterly  cash  verification  may  be  omitted  for  any quarter  in  which  a  cash  verification  was  made  by representatives of an area audit office or a disbursing on-site  examination  team.  It  may  also  be  omitted  when a  transfer  of  accountability  has  occurred.  However,  if the  cash  verification  board  fails  to  perform  its  duties, the DO may insist that the quarterly verification be held. Report of Verification A cash verification is the physical count of the cash, negotiable instruments, and other assets that make up a The DODFMR, Volume 5, appendix A, contains DO’s total accountability. The cash verification is a detailed information on the procedures the board should management control that, along with other controls, can use   for   conducting   the   verification   process   and be used to gauge the overall health of a disbursing reporting the results. operation. It is not meant to alleviate management’s As  stated  previously,  the  board  must  vary  the  time responsibility  to  direct  and  monitor  all  facets  of  a during each quarter when the verification process is disbursing  operation. The CO must appoint a cash held. To attest that a verification was held, the board verification board to carry out the cash verification must  make  an  entry  on  the  face  of  the  DO’s  daily procedures. Statement of Accountability (DD 2657) and on the last 1-9

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