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Page Title: Chapter 9 Separations, Discharges and Retirements
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CHAPTER 9 SEPARATIONS, DISCHARGES, AND RETIREMENTS Every service member will eventually reach the point when he or she will be separated, discharged, or retired. To make sure these transitions go as smoothly as  possible  for  all  concerned,  disbursing  personnel  are required  to  follow  specific  procedures.  As  a  senior Disbursing Clerk (DK), you must do your part to see that these procedures are carried out as accurately and smoothly  as  possible.  Service  members  making  these transitions have enough to deal with; they do not need additional  problems  caused  by  untimely  or  sloppy processing of their pay and benefits. Processing  a  separation,  discharge,  or  retirement involves  a  great  deal  of  coordination  and  paper  work. Written procedures are established by local disbursing officers (DOs) and approved by commanding officers (COs) for this purpose.    They prescribe proper lead times, allowing disbursing personnel to receive and process important documents on time. They set forth guidelines  for  the  timely  notification  of  service members  who  are  being  separated  early  (including members  who  are  transferring  to  another  activity  for separation). They provide the disbursing office with necessary  lead  time  to  carry  out  many  important procedures,  including  the  following  steps: Stopping   allotments   the   month   before   the member’s  separation Performing  the  required  precertification procedures in case the member is entitled to additional   bonuses Getting recoupment rates, if they are needed Above  all,  written  procedures  provide  required guidance so that disbursing personnel can help service members  go  through  these  sensitive  transitions  as efficiently and painlessly as possible. As a senior DK, you will be expected to know and understand  the  procedures  involved  in  processing service members who are being discharged, separated, or retired from active service. This chapter provides an overview of some of these procedures. After studying the  information  in  this  chapter,  you  should  be  able  to describe some of the basic procedures used throughout Department of Defense (DOD) disbursing offices for processing  officer  and  enlisted  discharges,  separations, and retirements. You should also be able to identify the basic  requirements  and  procedures  for  processing  death gratuities. Keep in mind that the scope of this chapter is limited to an overview of these operations. Do not use this chapter or any other part of this training manual as   a   procedural   operations   manual.   For   official guidelines, we recommend you consult the  Department of   Defense   Financial   Management   Regulations (DODFMR),   Volume   7A,   Defense  Finance  and Accounting  Service  (DFAS)  Pay/Personnel  Procedures Manual (Navy)  (DFASPPM), Naval Military Personnel Manual  (MILPERSMAN),   Source   Data   System Procedures Manual (SDSPROMAN), and your local command’s instructions and directives. As a DK1 or DKC, you will be expected to know how to carry out your  command’s  procedures  efficiently  and  effectively. Most important y, the DOD is depending on you to train junior   personnel   to   carry   out   these   important responsibilities  with  accuracy  and  sensitivity. ENLISTED  PROCESSING Enlisted processing involves the coordination of disbursing  and  personnel  functions.  You  may  be assigned  to  carry  out  or  supervise  some  of  these functions.  If  so,  you  will  likely  become  involved  in processing  more  enlisted  members  than  any  other category of DOD personnel. To do this, you must be able  to  identify,  obtain,  and  process  the  specific, required  documentation.  In  the  following  paragraphs, we describe some of these documents, the sources you may need to contact to obtain them, and the disbursing procedures you will likely use to process them. INITIAL ACTION BY DFAS— CLEVELAND CENTER For  a  member  who  is  separating  from  active service,  the  Defense  Finance  and  Accounting Service—Cleveland  Center  (DFAS—CL)  is  the  initial source  of  documentation.  Based  on  an  enlisted member’s  expiration  of  active  obligated  service (EAOS) date, the DFAS—CL will forecast payments 9-1

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