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Page Title: Computations of Final Payment Required from the Disbursing Office
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due the member upon his or her discharge or separation. This information will be printed on the member’s Leave and  Earnings  Statement  (LES)  in  the  Remarks  section. It will first appear 4 months before the member’s EAOS date and will be repeated monthly through the month of discharge. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FROM  THE  PERSONNEL DIVISION The  personnel  division  is  required  to  prepare  the following documents and forward them in the quantity shown  to  the  disbursing  office  for  processing: Detaching   (Departing)   Endorsement   to Orders—Original  and  two  copies DD  214,  Report  of  Separation Duty—Original  and  all  copies Release  orders—One  copy from  Active COMPUTATIONS OF FINAL PAYMENT REQUIRED FROM THE DISBURSING OFFICE The  disbursing  division  is  responsible  for  making the final computation of pay due. However, certain preliminary  actions  must  be  completed  before  your disbursing office can compute a member’s final pay due. Preliminary  Steps First,  all  allotments  should  have  been  stopped  by now, based on the notification of separation or discharge the  disbursing  office  received  from  the  personnel division. Next, if the activity has Master Military Pay Account (MMPA) access, it should have provided a Forecast Separation Pay Computation (FSPC). The FSPC will be used in conjunction with the member’s separation processing. If the activity does not have MMPA  access,  it  is  required  to  do  the  processing manually.  Of  course,  your  disbursing  office  must  also have received the member’s detaching endorsement, DD 214, and release orders from the personnel division, as described in the preceding section. Steps for Processing Separations or Discharges Once you have the required documentation, you cart start the procedure for processing the member’s separation or discharge. Take the following steps in the order  listed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Remove the LES from the payroll file. Post all regular and special payments in the Payments block of the LES that have not been reflected  on  the  Payments  Posted  Since  Last LES  field. Use a locally produced worksheet to determine the final payment on separation. (See figure 9-1   for   a   sample   worksheet.)   Make annotations on the worksheet from those made on the LES or any other documents on hand that   have   not   yet   been   transmitted   to DFAS—CL. File your original worksheet in the   member’s   Personal   Financial   Record (PFR),  and  provide  the  member  with  a copy. Adjust   the   leave   balance.   Make   sure   to account for the last period of leave as indicated on  the  detaching  endorsement,  separation  or retirement  leave,  and  any  time  not  served (excess  leave  and  UA). If recoupment of a bonus or continuation pay is   necessary,   obtain   the   daily   rate   from DFAS—CL, if possible. If you cannot obtain the rate from DFAS—CL, a local computation should be made. R e v i e w    t h e    N A V C O M P T    3 0 7 1 A , Miscellaneous  Memoranda  Record,  and  make checkage from the member’s final pay for any deductions held in abeyance. Pay  all  amounts  due  through  the  date  of discharge, less 28 percent FITW on taxable items of separation pay and 4 percent SITW on those items, if the member is subject to state withholding taxes. All other taxable items, such as basic, special, and incentive pay,  should  be  taxed  based  on  the  aggregate amount for the month using the normal tax tables. Do not pay doubtful entitlements. Annotate the NAVCOMPT 3071A to indicate why the entitlement  was  doubtful  and  include  all pertinent facts. 9-2

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