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Page Title: Duties and Responsibilities of the Disbursing Officer
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conditions  that  will  require  the  stoppage  of  pay  or allotments. The financial relationship between the DO and CO is   usually   routine,   professional,   and   mutually accountable  and  supportive  of  the  command’s  needs.  In rare instances, however, a CO may order the DO to make a payment that the DO believes to be contrary to law or current regulations. The DO is responsible for informing the CO of these conditions. If the CO persists in  the  demand  for  payment,  then  the  DO  should formally request that the CO put the order in writing. In this way, the CO assumes full responsibility and accountability y for authorizing the payment action. Upon  receipt  of  the  written  order,  the  DO  should make the payment. All DOS should be aware that an officer cannot use a written order to authorize any type of illegal advance of public funds to a CO or any other officer. Whenever a CO orders a DO to make a payment under  protest,  the  CO  must  submit  copies  of  all available  documentation,  together  with  the  facts  and circumstances   surrounding   the   payment,   to   the Director,   DFAS   Headquarters,   via   the   Director, DFAS-CL. ON AUTHORITY OF THE COMPTROLLER GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES.— DOs who make  payments  authorized  by  the  Comptroller  General of  the  United  States  will  not  be  disallowed  payments based on any new interpretations of the law. Duties and Responsibilities of the Disbursing Officer In general, DOS carry out the following typical duties  and  responsibilities: Maintain public monies in their custody without lending,  using,  depositing  in  banks,  or  exchanging  for other funds except as prescribed by law. Disburse or otherwise dispose of public monies under current rules and regulations. Deposit excess funds without delay to the United States Treasury and only withdraw them when required for  payment. Maintain detailed records of all transactions and submit the required periodic detailed reports. These records  and  reports  are  for  accounting  purposes. Representatives of the Secretary of Defense and the Comptroller General of the United States will examine them for completeness and accuracy. Secure and preserve the pay accounts, public monies, and other such paper and property, in the order of their importance, as circumstances permit, in case of tire,  shipwreck,  or  other  disasters. These  duties  and  responsibilities  apply  equally  to the DO and to any agents officially appointed by the DO. ADDITIONAL  DUTIES.—  The Department  of Defense   Financial   Management   Regulation (DODFMR), Volume 5, describes the additional duties and  responsibilities  DOS  are  authorized  to  perform. PROHIBITED    ADDITIONAL    DUTIES.— Except as specifically authorized by the DODFMR, Volume 5, a DO will  not  be  assigned  the  following additional  duties  or  responsibilities: Acting as authority for the approval of orders Acting  as  certification  officer  for  claims  for reimbursement and contingency funds Acting as custodian of any fund or any other conflict of interest assignment All  DOS  are  prohibited  from  performing  these  duties. AUTHORIZED   ADDITIONAL   DUTIES   IN CERTAIN  CIRCUMSTANCES.—  Under  certain circumstances,  DOS  are  authorized  to  perform additional duties that are normally prohibited. DOS ordered to afloat units for duty as a supply officer or assistant supply officer with concurrent duty as the food service officer or ship’s store officer may perform these duties. When directed by appropriate authority, a DO can also officially accept, safeguard, account for, and dispose of personal funds and valuables received for safekeeping. Duty  Assignments A  DO  who  activates  a  new  disbursing  office, reactivates a disbursing office that has been temporarily y closed, or relieves another DO must forward a letter to DFAS-CL  immediately  upon  starting  disbursing  duties. This  letter  must  include  the  following  information  in regard to the incoming DO’s duty assignment: Name of the activity Symbol number assigned Name and rank or grade of the (incoming) DO Opening date of the account 1-3

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