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Page Title: Approval Process for Deputy Positions
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The beginning and ending serial number of all blank  Treasury  checks Name and rank or grade of the relieved DO (if applicable) One  copy  of  this  letter  should  be  forwarded  to  the financial  information  processing  center  (FIPC)  to which the financial reports and returns of the activity are officially submitted. Normally, DOs are relieved of duty on the last day of the month. This eliminates the need for an incoming DO to submit an extra set of returns for the month. The transfer between DOs may take place at any time, however,  based  on  operational  commitments  or  other considerations. Before relieving the outgoing DO, the incoming DO should examine the records and accounts that will be under his or her jurisdiction. An incoming DO who is dissatisfied with the condition of the records and accounts  and  feels  unwilling  to  accept  full responsibility for them may refuse the relief. Under these circumstances, the incoming DO must make a detailed report to the CO. The CO will investigate the report and make any appropriate recommendations. Usually, the transfer will take place and the CO will assume responsibility for bringing any charges against the relieved DO, as warranted by the circumstances of the case. Two  principal  types  of  accountable  assistants  are assigned to a DO-the deputy DO and the agent cashier. As explained in the following paragraphs, all the rules and regulations governing the duties of the DO apply equally to these assistants. DEPUTY DISBURSING OFFICER A deputy to a DO is an individual appointed by the DO who acts under a formal letter of appointment executed by that DO. Any  officer,  senior  enlisted member,  or  civilian  employee  (GS-6  or  above) satisfactory to the DO may be appointed to the position of  deputy  DO. Authorized  Actions  of  Deputy Generally,  a  deputy  DO  is  authorized  to  perform any and all acts relating to the receipt, disbursement, custody, and accounting for public funds in the name of and  for  the  account  of  the  appointing  DO.  The appointing DO may also restrict the acts his or her deputy will be authorized to perform. Approval Process for Deputy Positions The  establishment  of  all  deputy  DO  positions  must be  approved  by  DFAS-CL.  A  DO  who  requires  the services of a deputy must forward a request for the establishment of the position to DFAS-CL via the CO. Since  it  is  undesirable  from  a  security  standpoint  for excessive  numbers  of  individuals  to  have  access  to public funds, COs must make certain only the minimum number of deputy positions is appointed. REQUEST  CONTENTS.—  The  request  must include  the  following  information: The  circumstances  supporting  the  requirement for a deputy position The specific location where the deputy will serve The number of other deputies already serving The  specific  duties  to  be  performed  by  the deputy An estimate of the monthly amount of funds to be advanced, collected, and disbursed ACCOMPANYING    DOCUMENTATION.— The request should be accompanied by the following documentation: A  copy  of  the  formal  letter  of  appointment Specimen Signatures, Treasury Fiscal Service (TFS) Form 3023 Signature Card, TFS Form 5583 A C C O U N T A B L E    N U M B E R    F O R APPROVED REQUEST.— DFAS-CL will advise the CO  concerning  the  approval  or  disapproval  of  the requested   position. If the request is approved, an accountable number will be assigned to the position. LETTER   OF   APPOINTMENT.—   T h e appointing  document  for  each  deputy  DO  is  a  formal letter of appointment from the DO. The letter will detail specific  duties  and  limitations  for  each  position.  In  this letter and all other correspondence about the position, the accountable number will be referenced. Cancellation of Appointment A DO may revoke the appointment of a deputy at any time for any reason. When a DO is relieved from disbursing duties, the appointments of all his or her deputies are revoked. In all cases, the revocation of a deputy’s appointment is by letter addressed to that 1-4

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