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Page Title: Financial Returns Transmittal
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Immediately   upon   resuming   disbursing operations, the DO will notify the appropriate DAO by message of the date operations are resumed and the DSSN   of   the   disbursing   office   from   which responsibility  was  retrieved  (if  different  from  the  initial DSSN to which transferred). Preparation The  message  report  portion  entitled  “Statement  of Accountability” is the basis for establishing the month’s accountability. After the message is prepared and again immediately after the message is transmitted, the DO must review and balance the message to ensure there are no errors and the message agrees with the hardcopy of  the  Statement  of  Accountability.  Normally,  the message report is used for consolidation and as the basis for subsequent reporting to the U.S. Treasury. Once a properly balanced message report has been transmitted, no  changes  are  permitted  unless  specifically  authorized by the appropriate DAO. Therefore, the SF 1219 must agree  with  the  message  report.  If  any  change  is discovered   after   a   balanced   message   report   is transmitted, the DO will not include the changes on the SF  1219,  but  will  report  them  in  the  next  month’s financial returns. There is no rounding of figures. Like the Analysis of Cash and Other Assets, any lines with zero amounts will be omitted. In the Section II, Part B, portion of the message, the amounts of debit vouchers are shown in parentheses to denote a negative amount. The   Disbursements   and   Collections   sections require a code to identify the category of expenditure or collection,  Category  codes  for  this  purpose  are  as follows: 1 - 4  - 6  - 7  - 8  - public  vouchers military  payrolls civilian  payrolls  (list  payroll  UIC  number  on references line of message report) collections  not  covered  under  code  8 collections  from  ship’s  stores  deployed  in foreign  waters The totals of codes 1, 4, and 6 less the totals of codes 7 and 8 must equal total net disbursements reported on line 4.1 of Section 1, Part A. For a complete explanation of the preparation of this report, refer to the  DODFMR, Volume 5. FINANCIAL  RETURNS TRANSMITTAL All  documents  comprising  the  financial  returns  of any DO will be shipped under a covering DD Form 2666, Transmittal of Statements or Vouchers. This form  is  also  required  with  the  daily  transmittal  of business  for  those  offices  required  to  submit  daily business. A sample DD 2666 is shown in figures 7-11 and 7-12, The front of the form is self-explanatory. The vouchers section is designed to accommodate a DO's using a single series of voucher for all transactions as well as a disbursing office’s using a separate series of voucher  numbers  for  each  type  of  transaction. Documents  submitted  that  are  not  specifically  included in the Forms or Vouchers section of the transmittal will be listed ithe spaces provided in the Forms section. In the Vouchers section, your disbursing office should list the disbursement and collection voucher numbers. TIME OF SUBMISSION Monthly financial returns must be completed on the first  workday  following  the  close  of  the  accounting period.  Reports  that  have  been  completed  on  the  first workday  after  the  close  of  the  accounting  period  will not be considered late or delinquent if they are delayed by inadequate postal or shipping facilities. If the reports are not completed on the first workday after the close of  the  accounting  period,  a  written  explanation  of  the delay must be furnished with the reports. ASSEMBLY,  PACKAGING,  AND  FORMAT REQUIREMENTS As  previously  stated,  certain  designated  DOs  must submit  vouchers  on  a  daily  basis.  The  packaging  and submission of the daily documents differ from those being submitted monthly. The DODFMR, Volume 5, gives the proper way to arrange those vouchers. The distribution  and  packaging  of  required  documents comprising the financial returns other DOs must submit can be found in appendix 2 of this book. Assembly The returns will be grouped, unfolded and flat, and arranged  in  packages  as  designated  in  Appendix  2  of this  TRAMAN.  Each  package  will  be  numbered serially and appropriately labeled as to its contents. 7-18

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