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Page Title: Member With Dependents
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now, let’s take a look at some specific travel allowances with which you may be involved. DISLOCATION  ALLOWANCE The  purpose  of  the  dislocation  allowance  (DLA)  is to  partially  reimburse  a  member  with  or  without dependents for the expenses incurred in relocating his or her household because of a PCS. The DLA is in addition to any other allowances authorized for the travel. Besides PCS moves, a member with dependents is eligible  to  receive  DLA  when  the  dependents  must relocate   their   household   in   conjunction   with   an evacuation  or  other  specific  circumstances. A  member  without  dependents  is  eligible  to  receive DLA when he or she is transferred on PCS orders to a new  duty  station  where  government  quarters  are  not assigned or are temporarily occupied by the member for 60 days or less. Additional rules apply in cases where an active-duty Navy member active-duty   member. DEFINITION OF TERMS is married to another Before we go any further, we need to be sure of what constitutes a member with dependents and a member without  dependents. Member With Dependents For  DLA  purposes,  a  member  with  dependents means a member who on the effective date of PCS orders has dependents who are entitled to transportation in  connection  with  a  change  of  permanent  duty  station. A member whose spouse is a dependent on the effective date of the member’s PCS orders is considered to be a member with dependents, even when the spouse was a former  active-duty  Navy  member  and  received  travel allowances upon separation from the service. Member Without Dependents For DLA purposes, a member without dependents means a member who falls into one of the following categories: Has  no  dependents Is  not  entitled  to  travel  and  transportation allowances   for   travel   of   dependents   in connection  with  PCS Has   dependents   entitled   to   travel   and transportation allowances, but the dependents do not relocate in connection with the PCS AMOUNT  PAYABLE The amount payable as a DLA is equal to 2 months of  the  member’s  basic  allowance  for  quarters  (BAQ). The  dependency  status  of  the  member  on  the effective date of orders determines whether the member will  be  paid  DLA  at  the  with-dependents  or without-dependents   rate.   When   dependents   are authorized to travel at the same time as the member, but the member elects not to move them at that time, DLA may be paid at the without-dependents rate if the member is not assigned government quarters at the new duty  station.  If  the  dependents  later  join  the  member and are entitled to such travel at government expense, the member may be paid the difference between the without-dependents  and  with-dependents  rates. FISCAL  YEAR  LIMITATIONS Generally,  members  are  entitled  to  only  one  DLA per  fiscal  year. The  JFTR  does   provide   certain exceptions to this rule. Some of them are as follows: The   secretary   of   the   service   concerned determines that the exigencies of the service require more than one such change of station during the current fiscal year. The  member  is  assigned  PCS  to,  from,  or between courses conducted at an installation of the services or conducted, controlled, and managed by one of the services elsewhere. The   command-sponsored   dependents   are relocated  to  a  designated  place  incident  to  an evacuation. The movement of a member’s household is made in conjunction with a national emergency or in time of war. In  determining  the  fiscal  year  in  which  the  move counts, the detachment date of the member from the old permanent duty station (PDS) is the governing factor. In addition, any moves in the same fiscal year for which DLA was not authorized will not be counted. FACTORS  AFFECTING  ENTITLEMENT As you have read, members are entitled to DLA for PCS  moves  and  evacuation  of  dependents.  These  are 3-3

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