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Page Title: Security and Storage of Government Check Stock
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TEST GRID CHECKS Test grid checks are not for issue but are printed only  for  government-wide  use  in  testing  and  aligning automated check writing equipment. They are white with  a  non-reproducible  blue  test  grid.  The  grid  lines provide the check format for testing and alignment purposes.  (Ignore  the  date  and  dollar  boxes  on  test  grid checks  because  these  boxes  are  not  preprinted  on regular-issue Treasury checks.) UNNUMBERED  CHECKS Unnumbered   checks   are   regular-issue   checks without  preprinted  check  symbol/serial  numbers  and magnetic  ink  character  recognition  (MICR)  encoding. These checks are for use only by the Defense Finance and  Accounting  Service  (DFAS)  Centers  that  use special  check-writing  equipment. SECURITY AND STORAGE OF GOVERNMENT CHECK STOCK In any disbursing activity, security and storage of government check stock involves special requirements, procedures,  and  controls. CONTAINERS The  DO  (or  assigned  deputy)  is  responsible  for keeping blank government check stock. Blank check stock must be stored in either a Class 1 or Class 5 security  container  or  a  burglary-resistant  safe. Although the DO and a minimum number of deputies may have access to this container, only one person should   be   given   the   primary   responsibility   of maintaining the check stock and keeping the Blank Check Control Log (described later in this section). ENVIRONMENT SPECIMEN  CHECKS Specimen  checks  are  identical  to  unnumbered checks except that each specimen check is overprinted w i t h    t h e    w o r d s “ S P E C I M E N    C H E C K    - NON-NEGOTIABLE”   in   the   signature   space. Although  they  have  the  specimen  designation  printed across  them,  specimen  checks  should  be  safeguarded  in the same manner as blank checks. EMERGENCY  CHECKS Emergency  checks  are,  in  reality,  regular-issue checks that Navy DOs can use when there is no other practical  way  of  making  a  payment.  As  the  name implies,  emergency  checks  are  used  for  any  reason whenever an activity requires checks in less time than a normal requisition would take to process, order, and deliver  regular-issue  checks.  Orders  for  emergency checks, however, must be kept to an absolute minimum and should be placed only as a last resort. An  activity  may  order  emergency  checks  from DFAS - Cleveland Center (DFAS-CL). The order must specify the symbol number under which the checks will be issued as well as the name and rank or grade of the DO.  Orders  are  made  in  multiples  of  1,000  and  in sufficient  quantities  to  last  until  regular-issue  checks can  be  received.  The  unfilled  check  order  number  and date of that order must also be included with the request for emergency checks. The activity must completely use all the emergency checks before issuing any new stock  of  regular-issue  checks. The DO is responsible for making sure that storage conditions are adequate for preserving the quality of the blank  check  stock.  Blank  check  stock  is  especially sensitive to moisture, heat, and light; exposure to these conditions  will  cause  deterioration  of  the  surface  tint and design. If deterioration occurs, a new supply of checks must be procured. CHECK STOCK DESIGNATIONS There are two basic categories of blank check stock. You  will  hear  these  categories  referred  to  as  working stock and bulk stock. Working Stock Blocks  of  checks  issued  to  the  person  responsible for the day-today preparation of checks are referred to as working stock. The authorized number of checks per block  issued  for  working  stock  is  governed  by  the volume  of  checks  normally  used.  When  the  volume  of checks  issued  is  small,  the  working  stock  usually consists of 1 day’s supply. In disbursing offices that issue  large  volumes  of  checks,  the  working  stock  may consist  of  several  days’  supply  or  may  even  be  issued to several assistants. Bulk  Stock The remaining check stock is called bulk  stock. Blocks of blank checks are issued from the bulk stock to be used as working stock. 4-3

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