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Page Title: Voided Check
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VOIDED CHECK A voided check is a check that was misprinted or mutilated during the issue process and has not been or will not be replaced by a control check bearing the same symbol  and  serial  number.  The  term  voided  check includes  unused  and  obsolete  blank  check  stock  as  well as lost or stolen blank checks. CANCELED CHECK A canceled check is a U.S. Treasury check that is no longer negotiable by the payee. A check is usually canceled either because the payee is no longer entitled to the amount or, according to the prevailing laws and guidelines, the check is no longer negotiable or eligible for  payment. The  three  classifications  of  canceled checks are based on the following associated criteria: 1.  AVAILABLE  CANCELED  CHECKS—  An available  canceled  check  is a U.S. Treasury check that is in the possession of the DO and is canceled because of  nonentitlement,  mutilation,  or  undeliverability. 2.  UNAVAILABLE  CANCELED  CHECKS— An unavailable canceled check  is a properly vouchered and issued check that is not held by the DO or the payee. This category includes checks that the payee did not receive or those that were lost or destroyed. 3.   CANCELED   CHECKS   RESULTING FROM   LIMITED   PAYABILITY—   Because  of limited playability, any U.S. Treasury check that is not cashed within 12 months after issue must be canceled. RECERTIFIED  CHECK A recertified  check  is a check issued to replace an unavailable  canceled  check.  A  recertified  check  bears its own check number and is vouchered and recorded as a disbursement in the same way as any other check issue disbursement. RECOVERED CHECK A recovered  check  is  an  original  check  that  is returned to or recovered by the DO after it has been canceled  by  submission  of  an  Unavailable  Check Cancellation,  SF  1184.  A  recovered  check  can  also  be a recertified check that is returned to or recovered by the DO after the original check was negotiated by the payee. UNDELIVERABLE CHECK Any check that is not delivered to the payee within 60 days after the month of issue is classified as an undeliverable  check. EXCHANGE-FOR-CASH  CHECKS There  are  two  types  of  exchange-for-cash checks—disbursement   and   remittance. The classification of each type is based on the purpose of the check, as indicated in the following explanations: 1.  DISBURSEMENT  CHECK—  A disburse- ment check  is  an  exchange-for-cash  check  drawn  by  a DO in favor of himself or herself to obtain cash funds for  disbursements. 2. REMITTANCE CHECK—  A remittance is a check that is issued to an authorized payee in exchange for cash for an official purpose. TYPES OF CHECKS There are several different types of U.S. Treasury checks, all distinguished by their use and appearance. As a senior DK, you must be readily able to identify regular-issue  checks,  control  checks,  test  grid  checks, unnumbered checks, specimen checks, and emergency checks. In the following sections, we will take a brief look at each of these types. REGULAR-ISSUE  CHECKS Navy   DOs   are   authorized   to   issue   only multicolored, standard size checks, measuring 7 3/8 inches in length and 3 1/4 inches in width, to draw on the account of the U.S. Treasury. The lower edge of each regular-issue check is encoded in magnetic ink to show a nine-digit check serial number, a nine-digit transit number, a five-digit check symbol number, and the  appropriate  symbols  denoting  preprinted  symbols and serial numbers. CONTROL CHECKS Control checks are issued to replace spoiled checks, but you should be readily able to distinguish a control check from a regular-issue check. A control check will have a preprinted eight-digit control number in the lower center of the check, whereas a regular-issue check will have its preprinted check number in the upper right-hand  comer. 4-2

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