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Page Title: Summary by Symbol of Check and Deposit Transactions with U.S. Treasury
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Line 6.2 will equal the combined Month-to-Date column totals of lines 6.2A and 6.2B of the DD 2657. Show foreign currency amounts in parentheses from line 6.2B of the DD 2657 (after the description). This line will include funds in the possession of Automated Teller Machine custodians. (Amounts held by deputies, cashiers, or agents at locations other than the main disbursing office and cash held for payrolls will  not be included in line 6.2.) Line 6.3 will equal the combined Month-to-Date totals of lines 6.3A and 6.3B of the DD 2657. Include all undeposited cash and cash items (such as checks and money orders) on hand at the close of the reporting period that are for deposit to the Treasury. Do not include  deposits  your  disbursing  office  has  already mailed or presented for credit to the Treasury. Line 6.4 will be labeled “Custody or Contingency Cash”  in  the  description  column.  This  will  be  the amount from the Month-to-Date column of line 6.4 of the DD 2657. Line 6.5 will include coin and currency in the hands of deputies, cashiers, agents, or change fund  custodians  at  locations  other  than  the  main disbursing  office. It will equal the Month-to-Date column  total  from  line  6.5  of  the  DD  2657.  When foreign  currency  is  included  in  the  amount,  enter  the amount in parentheses in the space between the caption and the amount column. Line 6.6 will be captioned as “Advances to Contractors” and the amount entered should equal the Month-to-Date column total of line 6.6 of the DD 2657. Line 6.7 will be captioned “Cash in Transit”  and  should  equal  the  Month-to-Date  column total  of  line  6.7  of  the  DD  2657.  Line  6,8  will  be captioned  “Payroll  Cash”  and  should  equal  the Month-to-Date column total of line 6.8 on the DD 2657. This  will  only  include  cash  that  is  being  held  for payrolls.  Line  6.9  will  be  captioned  “Other  Cash  Items” and  its  amount  should  equal  the  Month-to-Date  column total of line 6.9 on the DD 2657. In the deferred section, lines 7.1 through 7.4 will be equal  to  the  corresponding  Month-to-Date  columns  of the DD 2657. Lines 7.5 through 7.9 are not used. The final line, 8.00, will equal the total of lines 6.1 through 7.4.  This  amount  must  agree  with  the  Month-to-Date column total of line 8.0 of the DD 2657. Part  C.—Analysis  of  Predecessor  Officer’s Accountability.—  As the title indicates, Part C includes the  analysis  of  predecessor  DO’s  accountability.  Lines 9.2 through 10.0 will be used only by settlement officers to  complete  the  liquidation  of  any  receivables  or deficiencies of a relieved DO. DOs at afloat activities are not authorized to make entries on these lines.) The total  disbursing  office  accountability  is  shown  on  line 11.0  and  must  be  equal  to  line  5.0  and  the  total accountability as shown the Month-to-Date column total on line 11.0 of the DD 2657. CERTIFICATION.—  This part of the SF 1219 should show the name and telephone number (both commercial, including the area code, and DSN) of the person  to  be  contacted  should  any  questions  arise regarding the SF 1219. The DO will sign  all  copies  of the  Statement  of  Accountability  in  the  space  provided using the same signature as he or she used for signing checks. The date shown will be the day the SF 1219 is signed. In the case of a DO being relieved, the relieving DO will certify the receipt of cash and cash items in this section. Deputies  will  sign  the  SF  1219  only  as necessary due to the absence of the DO. When a deputy signs the SF 1219, the name and rank of the DO will be typed  above  the  deputy’s  signature  and  the  signature will be identified by the word “Deputy.” SECTION II.— SUMMARY BY SYMBOL OF CHECK  AND  DEPOSIT  TRANSACTIONS  WITH U.S.  TREASURY.—  Section   II   consists   of   the following  parts:   Part A.— Checks Issued and Adjustments for Prior  Periods   Part B.— Summary of Deposits Presented or Mailed to Bank Section II is located on the back of the SF 1219. Refer to figure 7-8 as we take a brief look at this section. You may also wish to refer to figure 7-7 (front of the SF 1219)  to  compare  the  amounts  you  will  need  to  carry over from Section I and enter in Section II. Part A.— Part A of Section II breaks down the information reported for this period concerning the official U.S. Treasury checking account. Read the titles of columns (1) through (5). These titles specify the information you will need to enter in the respective columns.  This  information  includes  the  symbol number, the total checks issued during the period, any adjustments for checks issued in prior months, and then a total of the checks issued. Notice that the amount entered  for  the  total  checks  issued  (5)  is  a  total  of columns (2), (3), and (4). This amount must equal the amount on line 2.1 on the front of the form. (See fig. 7-7.)  This  amount  must  also  be  the  same  amount reported in the summary portion of the SF 1179. Part B.— This section isle left blank. The Schedule of  Deposit  Activity  prepared  by  your  disbursing  office is used in its place. 7-14

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