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Page Title: Glossary: E - F
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DECONTAMINATE -To free from harmful residue of chemical or nuclear attack. DETAIL-To assign personnel to a particular duty within  their  duty  station. DIP-To lower the national ensign about one-third of the way, then raising it, as a salute to a passing warship. DIP THE EYE-Passing the eye of a line through that of another line and then around a bollard. DIVISION-The basic unit into which personnel are organized aboard ship, in aircraft squadrons, or at shore  activities. DOG WATCH-One of two 2-hour watches; 1600-1800 or  1800-2000. DOUBLE UP-To double mooring lines for added strength. DOWNHAUL-Line  or  wire  that  pulls  an  object downward. DOWSE-(1) To put out. (2) To lower a sail quickly. (3) Wet  down  or  immerse  in  water. DRAFT-The  depth  of  a  ship  beneath  the  waterline, measured  vertically  to  the  keel. DRAFT MARKS-Numeral figures on either side of the stem and stern, used to indicate the amount of the ship's draft. DRILL-A training exercise in which actual operation is  simulated. DRY RUN-A rehearsal of any kind. DRYDOCK-A     watertight     basin     that     allows examination and work on the bottom of a ship. DUNNAGE-Any material used to separate (or insulate) layers of cargo, create space for cargo ventilation, or  insulate  cargo  against  chafing. EASE-To do something slowly, as move slowly away from the pier or ease the strain on a line. EASE HER (the rudder)-Reduce the amount of rudder the ship is carrying. Generally, an order given as the ship approaches the desired course. EIGHT  O'CLOCK  REPORTS-Reports   received shortly before 2000 by the executive officer from the department heads. In turn, they make eight o'clock reports to the commanding officer. EMERGENCY DRILL-A rehearsal of the action to be taken by ship's crew in an emergency, such as fire or  flooding. ENGINE  ORDER  TELEGRAPH-A device on the ship's bridge to give engine orders to the engine room. EXECUTIVE OFFICER-The   officer   second   in command; XO. EXTRA DUTY-Additional work assigned by the CO as authorized by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. EYES OF THE SHIP-The most forward part of the forecastle on the weather deck FAIRLEAD-A fitting, such as a block, providing a passage free of friction for a line or cable. FANTAIL-The after-most deck area topside in a ship. FATHOM -A measure of length equal to 6 feet, used especially  for  measuring  the  depth  of  water. FENDER-A device of canvas, wood, rubber or plastic slung over the side of a ship to absorb the shock of contact between the ship and the pier or between ships. FID-A sharply pointed, round wood or metal tool used in separating the strands of a line for splicing. FIELD DAY-A particular day devoted to general cleaning,  usually  in  preparation  for  inspection. FIRST CALL-A routine call sounded as a warning signal 5 minutes before morning and evening colors and  other  ceremonies. FIRST LIEUTENANT-The   officer   aboard   ship responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the ship,  its  boats,  ground  tackle,  and  deck  seamanship in  general. FIRST  WATCH-The  2000-2400  watch. FLARE-A pyrotechnic device used to attract attention or  illuminate  an  area. FLUKES-The broad arms or palms of an anchor. FORECASTLE -The forward section of the weather deck. FOXTAIL-A  short-handled  brush. FRAMES-Athwartships  strengthening  members  of  a ship's hull, numbered from bow aft, and used as reference  points  to  locate  fittings,  compartments, etc. FRAPPING LINES-Lines passed around the forward and aft boat falls to steady the boat when hoisting or  lowering. AI-5

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