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Page Title: Chapter 5 Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS)
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CHAPTER 5 NAVY ENLISTED ADVANCEMENT SYSTEM (NEAS) The Navy Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) is the most formal advancement system of the armed services.  It is unlike any of the other services.  The majority of Navy advancement opportunities depend on each member’s final multiple score in a Navywide competitive  advancement  cycle.    The  final  multiple score  measures  whether  the  person  as  a  whole  is qualified for advancement.  The score is based on a combination of the person’s performance, experience, and knowledge. Persons cannot be advanced to paygrades E-4, E-5, E-6,  or  E-7  without  taking  an  advancement examination,  except  for  those  enrolled  in  special programs.  Petty officer examinations consist of 150 questions.  Generally,  135  questions  pertain  to  the rating  and  15  questions  pertain  to  general  military subjects.  Candidates for Chief  petty officer (E-7) take t h e   e x a m   t o   b e c o m e   S E L E C T I O N   B O A R D ELIGIBILE  (SBE).    E-7  candidates  are  designated SBE if their final multiple score (FMS) is in the top 60 percent for their rating. Personnel in paygrades E-2, E-3, E-8, and E-9 do not  take  Navywide  examinations  for  advancement. T h e  N a v a l  M i l i t a r y  P e r s o n n e l  M a n u al (MILPERSMAN)  gives  commanding  officers  the authority  to  advance  qualified  enlisted  personnel  to E-2 and E-3 without numerical limitations.  No exam is required  for  advancement  to  E-2.    However, commands  have  the  option  of  administering  E-3 apprenticeship exams for AN, FN, and SN.  E-8 and E-9 candidates are designated SBE on the basis of their commanding officer’s recommendation. The  Naval  Education  and  Training  Professional Development  and  Technology  Center  (NETPDTC), Pensacola, Florida, develops, publishes, and distributes Navywide  advancement-in-rate  examinations.  Chief petty  officers  from  each  Navy  rating  at  NETPDTC, develop challenging examinations that afford enlisted personnel Navywide equal opportunities to compete for advancement with all others in their respective ratings and  rates.    For  example,  a  Boatswain’s  Mate  second class (BM2) serving in the Far East and a BM2 serving in the Mediterranean will take an identical Boatswain’s Mate first class (BM1) advancement examination on the same day. Before  personnel  can  take  part  in  a  Navywide competitive examination, appear before any selection board, or be advanced, the commanding officer must recommend them for advancement.  The educational services  officer  (ESO)  should  ensure  personnel  are fully qualified for advancement. ENSURING THAT THE  BEST  QUALIFIED  INDIVIDUALS  ARE RECOMMENDED AND PROMOTED is the goal of every commanding officer. In  this  chapter  we  will  discuss  the  following information covered under the NEAS: Definitions  used  in  the  Navy  Enlisted Advancement System (NEAS) Advancement qualification requirements Special advancement requirements Factors that determine the final multiple score for advancement Advancement  requirements  for  regular candidates Advancement for early candidates High-year tenure Change in rate or rating Selection board advancement Command Advancement Program Accelerated Advancement Program Advanced  Electronics  Field,  Advanced Technic al Field, and Nuclear Field Programs Selective  Conversion  and  Reenlistment (SCORE) Program Selective  Training  and  Reenlistment  (STAR) Program Enlisted-to-officer programs Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Program 5-1

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