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Page Title: Examination Ordering Instructions
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month preceeding the month the exam is administered in (1 August for the September exams).  This allows prospective candidates time to plan for completion of the mandatory requirements such as training courses and PARs.  Though candidates must meet eligibility requirements  by  the  deadline,  examinations  may  be ordered  for  prospective  candidates  who  have  not completed all eligibility requirements. The  recommendation  forms  should  be  filed  for future  reference  and  for  verification  purposes. Departments should then be notified of the ineligible personnel and those requirements each candidate did not satisfy. Although candidates for senior and master chief petty  officer  are  no  longer  required  to  take  the advancement  examination,  they  must  meet  all e l i g i b i l i t y    r e q u i r e m e n t s .       T h e s e    e l i g i b i l i t y requirements include the recommendation of the CO. Q13. What is normally the deadline for completion of all requirements before the examination date? PREPARATION OF NAVYWIDE ADVANCEMENT EXAMINATIONS NETPDTC,  Pensacola,  Florida,  prepares  all Navywide advancement examinations.  Subject matter experts  (SMEs)  in  the  top  three  enlisted  paygrades (E-7/8/9) develop advancement-in-rate examinations for  E-4  through  E-7.    Examinations  contain  150 questions: 135 questions pertain to the rating and 15 questions  pertain  to  general  military  requirements. Rating  questions  are  supported  by  occupational standards  (OCCSTDs)  and  military  requirement questions  are  supported  by  naval  standards (NAVSTDs).  Both  types  of  questions  are  also supported  by  references  listed  in  a  rating’s Bibliography  (BIB) for Advancement-in-Rate Study. Q14. Who  prepares  all  Navywide  advancement examinations? EXAMINATION ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS NETPDTC  ships  examinations  only  to  those activities listed with unit identification codes (UICs) in the Comptroller Manual, Volume 2, and with mailing addresses listed in the Standard Navy Distribution List, Parts 1 and 2.  For proper and timely distribution of examinations, NETPDTC maintains both the UIC and the address of the activity in an automated address file. Commands such as PSDs that maintain service records for  other  activities  normally  order  examinations  for those  activities.    Parent  activities  (PSDs  and  major commands) should verify all of the information listed on  the  verification  sheet,  distributed  annually  to  all commands.    Activities  should  then  submit  the NETPDTC  Automated  Mailing  Address  Input, NETPMSA  Form  1400/1,  shown  in  figure  6-2. Although the verification sheet may correctly list all UICs, commands should submit a report to NETPDTC to verify that the listing is correct. This report allows NETPDTC to account for all activities. NETPDTC  (N321)  forwards  the  initial  results from  the  previous  examination  cycle  along  with  an ordering letter for the next examination cycle.  The letter provides ordering information and includes two enclosures needed to order examinations for the next examination  cycle.  Enclosure  (1)  lists  examinations available for the next examination cycle and enclosure (2)  is  NETPDTC  Examination  Order  Form, NETPMSA,  1418/6.    Commands  not  in  receipt  of examination  results  should  request  order  forms  and ordering instructions from NETPDTC (N321) at least 3 months before the scheduled examination date of the next examination cycle. Chapter  5  of  the  Advancement  Manual  contains detailed  instructions  for  ordering  advancement examinations.  These instructions should be followed when  ordering  examinations.  Once  the  number  of required  examinations  has  been  determined,  the command  should  prepare  the  Examination  Order Forms  (NETPMSA  1418/6)  (fig.  6-3)  and  forward them  to  NETPDTC.     Always  enter  ratings  in alphabetical order. Examination orders may be submitted by letter or message; however, order forms are preferred.  To avoid the  shipment  of  a  double  examination  order  from NETPDTC, do not send a second order form with a follow-up  letter.    In  addition,  the  follow-up  letter should only reference the original order form.   Order forms submitted by letter or message have to be keyed into a computer program, which creates more room for possible errors. The ESO may be required to determine the number of  examinations  to  order  for  the  command.    To determine  the  number,  the  ESO  should  review  the recommendation forms and determine the number of eligible  candidates,  including  those  E-7  candidates taking  the  test  for  Limited  Duty  Officer  (LDO) application only.  Verify the prospective gains list of the  command’s  Enlisted  Distribution  Ve rification Report  (EDVR),  identifying  new  future  gain 6-3

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