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Page Title: Transfer of Examinations
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TRANSFER OF EXAMINATIONS Examinations  may  be  transferred  between activities when personnel transfer or depart on leave before  the  administration  date  or  when  commands have  spare  exams.     However,  the  transferring commands must ensure that receiving commands are able  to  administer  examinations.     Commanding officers are responsible for liaison between the local ESO  and  the  ESO  agreeing  to  administer  an examination before forwarding exams.  If the member reports to an activity supported by a PSD, forward the examination  and  worksheet  to  the  PSD,  not  to  the parent  command.     Activities  should  not  transfer examinations  to  commands  that  are  not  under  naval jurisdiction without prior approval of COMNAVPERSCOM  (PERS-852  or  PERS-862  for Reservist). Candidates frequently transfer or depart on leave before  their  scheduled  examination  date.    In  such cases,  the  ESO  will  forward  the  examinations  and worksheets  (NAVEDTRA  1430/2)  with  a  letter  of transmittal  to  the  examining  activity.    The  letter  of transmittal and the examinations must be placed in a double envelope.  The inner envelope must be marked as  follows:  NAVYWIDE  EXAMS.     DELIVER IMMEDIATELY TO A COMMISSIONED OFFICER. TO  BE  OPENED  ONLY  BY  AN  OFFICIAL  WHO MEETS  THE  REQUIREMENTS  OF  BUPERSINST 1430.16.    The  inner  envelope  shall  also  show  the address and classification.   Address the sealed outer cover in the normal manner and give no indication as to the  contents  or  classification  of  the  package.    The examination must be hand-carried by an official who meets the requirements of the Advancement Manual, BUPERSINST  1430.16,  or  transferred  by  registered mail or Government Contracted Overnight delivery. The letter of transmittal (fig. 6-3) should explain the reason for the transfer of the examination. It should also state that the person is eligible to take the exam and has been recommended for advancement.   If the advancement  examination  contains  classified information, the letter must state that the person taking the examination has the required security clearance. (The Enlisted Transfer Manual provides guidance for certifying a person’s eligibility for access to classified material.)   A copy of the candidate’s leave papers or standard transfer orders (including leave address and telephone  number)  should  be  forwarded  with  the worksheet and the examination. NOTE:  Regular leave or PCS leave/travel are not valid reasons for requesting substitute exams. Candidates  must  be  informed  of  examination forwarding  procedures  so  that  they  can  arrange  to report  to  their  examining  activity  on  the  scheduled examination date.  Ensure the candidates’ leave papers or  standard  transfer  orders  contain  the  date  of  the examination  and  the  designated  activity  that  will administer  the  examination.     Candidates  should understand that additional travel to the examining site will  be  at  their  expense  and  is  not  reimbursable. Failure to report to the designated activity normally disqualifies the candidate for a substitute examination. Q6.   When transferring an examination under a letter of transmittal, what manual provides guidance for certifying a person’s eligibility for access to classified materials? STOWAGE OF EXAMINATIONS The official who is responsible for the stowage and custody  of  examination  materials  must  meet  the requirements of BUPERSINST 1430.16.  The color of the plastic envelope identifies the classification of the examinations: SECRET—RED; CONFIDENTIAL— BLUE; and FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (FOUO)— BLACK. Both upon receipt and before administration, all  examination  envelopes  should  be  inspected  for evidence of tampering. All examination materials should be stowed in a safe, vault, or some other locked space secured with a three-tumbler combination lock.   The lock should be accessible  only  to  an  official  who  meets  the requirements of BUPERSINST 1430.16. Except  as  specified  in  BUPERSINST  1430.16, examinations  or  performance  tests  must  not  be available  to  enlisted  personnel  authorized  to participate. Q7.   What  is  the  classification  of  an  examination enclosed in a blue plastic envelope? REPORT OF LOST OR COMPROMISED EXAMINATIONS If  a  loss  or  a  compromise  of  a  Navywide advancement-in-rate  examination  or  a  performance test is discovered or circumstances indicate that loss or compromise is possible, forward a preliminary report to  COMNAVPERSCOM  (PERS-852  or  PERS-862), with  a  copy  to  NETPDTC  and  the  administrative superior  using  Report  Symbol  OPNAV  5510-6B  for 6-6

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