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Page Title: Separation in the Best Interest of the Service
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SEPARATION IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE SERVICE Regardless of any limitation on separations set forth in  the  MILPERSMAN,  SECNAV  may  direct  separation of any member at any time. In those cases where no other  reason  for  separation  is  appropriate,  but  where separation of a member is considered to be in the best interest of the service, initiate separation processing under this article. Characterization  of  service  will  be  honorable, general, or ELS. Use the notification procedure. When separation is for this reason, the right of a member with 6 or more years of total service and Reserve service to request an administrative board is not applicable. Send the processed case by letter of transmittal to the Chief of Naval Personnel (PERS-83). For additional guidance on separation processing by reason  of  best  interest  of  the  service,  refer  to  the MILPERSMAN. COUNSELING As you have learned, counseling and rehabilitation efforts are a prerequisite to the initiation of separation processing    for  the  following  bases  for  separation: Convenience   of   the   government   due   to parenthoodor  personality  disorder Weight  control  failure Entry level performance and conduct Unsatisfactory   performance Misconduct  due  to  minor  disciplinary  infractions or  pattern  of  misconduct DRAFTING ADMINISTRATIVE DISCHARGE WARNINGS The  counseling  requirements  must  be  accomplished by the member’s parent command. If more than one entry  is  made,  the  last  entry  applies.  Violation  of  the entry   must   have   occurred   before   initiating administrative  separation  processing. In any case that counseling is required, provide the member   an   opportunity   to   overcome   his   or   her deficiencies.  The  command’s  efforts  to  counsel  the member  should  be  documented  in  the  member’s  service record and must include the following information: l l l l Written  notification  about  deficiencies  or impairments Specific  recommendations  for  corrective  action, indicating any assistance that is available to the member Comprehensive  explanation  of  the  consequences of   failure   to   successfully   undertake   the recommended  corrective  action A  reasonable  period  of  time  for  the  member  to undertake  the  recommended  corrective  action A sample format for the counseling warning is illustrated in figure 9-2. This counseling warning may be a page 13 entry or a letter. The warning must be dated and  signed  by  the  service  member.  If  the  member refuses to sign, a notation to that effect should be made in the service record entry and signed and dated by an officer. Include a copy of the counseling warning entry or letter in the administrative separation package. INFORMING MEMBERS OF THE MEANING AND EFFECT OF DISCHARGE WARNINGS As  stated  previously,  you  must  inform  the  member of the meaning and effect of the discharge warning. Inform the member as clearly and precisely as possible of  his  or  her  deficiencies  and  the  recommended corrective action. Advise the service member of the consequences  of  failure  to  correct  the  deficiencies  and the time period authorized to correct the deficiency. You also must inform the member that if a new UCMJ violation occurs during that period, that in and of itself violates the warning. Ask the member if he or she has any questions about the warning and, if necessary, explain all elements of the warning until the member fully  understands  everything. NOTIFICATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE  BOARD PROCEDURES The  two  types  of  procedures  used  to  effect administrative separation processing are the notification procedure and the administrative board procedure. You will  use  one  of  these  procedures  in  every  case  of administrative separation that you process. We will address these procedures in further detail. 9-14

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