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Page Title: Appendix II Glossary of Words and Phrases: A
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APPENDIX  II GLOSSARY OF WORDS AND PHRASES The following words and phrases are those most frequently encountered in military justice that have special connotations in military law. The list is by no means complete. It is designed solely as a ready reference for the meaning of certain words and phrases. Where it has been necessary to explain a word or phrase in the language of or in relation to a rule of law, no attempt has been made to set forth a definitive or comprehensive statement of such rule of law. ABANDONED PROPERTY—Property to which the owner has relinquished all rights, title, claims, and possession with intention of not reclaiming it or resuming  ownership,  possession,  or  enjoyment. ABET—To  encourage,  incite,  or  set  another  on  to commit  a  crime,  Article  77,  UCMJ. ACCESSORY   AFTER   THE   FACT—Any   person subject  to  the  Code  who,  knowing  that  an  offense punishable  by  the  Code  has  been  committed, receives,  comforts,  or  assists  the  offender  in  order to  hinder  or  prevent  the  offender’s  apprehension, trial  or  punishment. NOTE:  Article  78,  UCMJ, deals with accessories. ACCESSORY  BEFORE  THE  FACT—One  who counsels,  commands,  procures,  or  causes  another  to commit an offense-whether present or absent at the  commission  of  the  offense.  NOTE:  Under Article 77, UCMJ, an accessory before the fact is a principal. ACCUSATION—A  formal  charge  against  a  person,  to the effect that the person is guilty of a punishable offense, laid before a court having jurisdiction to inquire into the alleged crime. ACCUSED—One  who  is  charged  with  an  offense under the Code. ACCUSER—Any  person  who  signs  and  swears  to charges;  any  person  who  directs  that  charges normally be signed and sworn to by another; and any other person who has an interest other than an official interest in the prosecution of the accused. ACQUITTAL—The legal and formal certification of the innocence of a person who has been charged with a crime; a deliverance or setting free a person from a charge of guilt. ACTIVE  DUTY—The  status  of  being  in  the  active federal service of any of the armed forces under a competent appointment or enlistment or pursuant to a  competent  muster,  order,  call,  or  induction. ACTUAL   KNOWLEDGE—A   state   wherein   the person  in  fact  knows  of  the  existence  of  an  order, regulation,  fact,  and  so  forth,  in  question. ADDITIONAL   CHARGES—New   and   separate charges preferred after others have been preferred against the accused while the original charges are still  pending. AD  HOC—For  this;  for  this  special  purpose. AD  INTERIM—In  the  meantime.  An  officer  “ad interim”  is  one  appointed  to  fill  a  temporary vacancy. ADJOURNMENT—The putting off or postponing of a trial until a stated time or indefinitely; a cessation of the proceedings for a period extending beyond the same day. ADJUDICATE—To  determine  whether  a  claim  is proper and decide what amount, if any, should be paid the claimant. ADMINISTRATIVE BOARD—A board appointed to render  findings  based  on  facts  pertaining,  or believed to pertain, in a case and to recommend retention, separation, or suspension of separation, and   the   reason   for   separation   and   the characterization  of  service  or  description  of separation. ADMINISTRATIVE    SEPARATION—A    discharge or  release  from  active  duty  upon  expiration  of enlistment or required period of service, or before, by administrative means and not by a court-martial. AII-1

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