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Page Title: Claims on Behalf of the Government Federal Claims Collection Act
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than entirely challenging, he decided to drive in reverse with  his  eyes  closed. In  doing  so,  YN3  Snootfull smashed into the front window of Anywhere’s Country Kitchen. Mama Cook has filed an Article 139 claim with  YN3  Snootfull’s  CO.  Is  this  claim  payable  under Article  139,  UCMJ? Solution No. YN3 Snootfull’s conduct certainly qualified as acts showing reckless and wanton disregard of the property rights of others. However, this claim would also be compensable under the nonscope claims statute  because  it  involved  use  of  a  federal  government vehicle   while   not   within   the   scope   of   federal employment. Therefore, it is not payable under Article 139,  UCMJ. CLAIMS ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT  FEDERAL  CLAIMS COLLECTION ACT Under the Federal Claims Collection Act, 31 U.S.C. § 3711 (1982) (FCCA), the federal government may recover compensation for claims on behalf of the United States  for  damage  to  or  loss  or  destruction  of government  property  through  negligence  or  wrongful acts. GOVERNMENT’S RIGHTS The extent of any FCCA recovery by the federal government is determined by the law where the damage occurred.  As  a  general  rule,  if  a  private  person  would be   entitled   to   compensation   under   the   same circumstances, the federal government may recover under  the  FCCA. FCCA  claims  may  be  pursued  against  private persons,  corporations,  associations,  and  nonfederal governmental   entities. An FCCA claim also can be asserted  against  any  federal  employee  responsible  for the damage and, if the responsible party is insured, the claim may be presented to the insurer. See Federal Drivers’ Act, 28 U.S.C. § 2679(b) (1982), prescribing immunity  for  federal  drivers. MEASURE  OF  DAMAGES The amount of the government’s recovery for an FCCA claim is determined by the measure-of-damages rules  of  the  law  where  the  damage  occurred.  There  is no maximum limit to recovery. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS The government has 3 years after the damage occurs in which to make a written demand on the responsible party. PROCEDURES Specific  procedures  and  collection  policies  are issued  in  JAGINST  5890.1.  Among  the  notable  features of  FCCA  procedures  are  the  following: .  Authority  to  handle  FCCA  claims.  JAGINST 5890.1  lists  the  officers  authorized  to  pursue,  collect, compromise, and terminate action on FCCA claims. These include certain officers in OJAG and COs of NLSOs,  except  NLSOs  in  countries  where  another service has single service responsibility according to DOD Directive 5515.8. Claims over $20,000 can be terminated  or  compromised  only  with  permission  of  the Department  of  Justice. . Repair or replacement in kind. In some cases, the party responsible for the damage, or that party’s insurer, may offer to repair or replace the damaged property. If such a settlement is in the government’s best interest, the CO of the property may accept repair or replacement under conditions described in JAGINST 5890.1. .  Collection  problems.  Collecting  the  full  amount claimed under an FCCA claim can often be difficult for a number of reasons. Therefore, the Joint Regulations authorize specific procedures to resolve or overcome collection   problems: Collection  by  offset. The U.S. Government may deduct the amount of the FCCA claim from any pay, compensation, or payment it owes the responsible  party. Suspension  or  revocation  of  federal  license  or eligibility, This can be a strong incentive for an entity  desiring  to  do  business  with  the government to pay a claim. Collection in installments. In cases where the responsible party is unable to make a lump-sum payment, an installment payment schedule may be used. Terms, conditions, and limitations on installment  payment  plans  are  set  forth  in JAGINST  5890.1.  A  substantial  portion  of FCCA claims against individuals are liquidated through  installment  payments. Compromise. When  the  responsible  party  is unable to pay the full amount of the claim within 12-29

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